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Issue #958: Censorship is inevitable with trusted third parties

Issue #958: Censorship is inevitable with trusted third parties

Mar 26, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #958: Censorship is inevitable with trusted third parties

Yet another content platform has released a "content moderation" strategy that sets the stage for deplatforming their users for spreading "hate"; the popular newsletter platform Substack. Let me be clear, I'm sure Substack didn't want it to come to this as they have positioned themselves as a place for independent journalists and writers to come monetize their work. Their hand is being forced by the Woke Mob that wants the world to bend to their view of how life on this planet should operate. This is a small minority of very loud and insane people who know how to push buttons at the corporate boardroom level to get corporations to act the way they want them to.

This is a very disheartening thing to see, but it should be expected. Anywhere there is a centralized third party in the content distribution world, the woke mob will find the weak spot and pressure it to bend to their will. The only way to avoid having to be subjected to a centralized third party deplatforming your content and demonetizing you is to seek out open publishing and monetization solutions.

Any writer with a healthy audience that is willing to pay for their content should be leveraging Ghost as their publishing platform and BTCPay Server as their monetization software. The woke mob won't be able to tell any third party to stop publishing your content and paying you out because you will have control over the full stack. Prepare now. is a good example of how to do this. Yes, right now I send this email newsletter via Mailchimp due to old habits dying hard, but I have my email list saved and can easily start sending this letter via my Ghost instance at any moment. At the same time, no one can demonetize our site because I control our BTCPay Server and the bitcoin addresses it produces when people donate sats to our efforts.

The future is here, it's decentralized, and it is not yet evenly distributed. Spread the word to help increase the distribution and make the world more robust against attacks from the INSANE WOKE MOB.

Final thought...

Starting to heat up on my little village by the sea.

Enjoy your weekend, freaks.


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