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Issue #953: Talk about being out of touch

Issue #953: Talk about being out of touch

Mar 19, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #953: Talk about being out of touch

I don't know whether we should laugh at the fact that the banking overlords are being this overt with their messaging or horrified by the nonchalantness with which they articulate their authoritarian tendencies. Are they woefully out of touch or do they simply not care because they believe they can implement their Orwellian agenda without regard for the masses?

For those of you freaks who are unaware, Agustín Carstens is the General Manager of the Bank of International Settlements and he wants to introduce a central bank digital currency to the world that would give him and his cronies ABSOLUTE CONTROL over the way in which you can access and move your money. They want to track every transaction and individual or business you plan to conduct commerce with and determine whether or not you should be allowed to execute that transaction. As I said in the tweet above, these people are ABSOLUTELY INSANE and they should be met with very aggressive ridicule and disdain because their ideas would turn humankind into a massive serf class.

Our boy Agustín delivered his message with the covertness of a 450 pound man trying to hide behind a curtain. These are the type of things that are supposed to be hidden behind layers of narrative abstraction. You're not supposed to let the plebs know that you want full control over their lives so overtly. And make no mistake freaks, this is exactly what they want. They just told you so. Don't take their warning lightly. We need to get moving to get bitcoin into as many hands as possible to beat these psychotic kleptocrats.

Luckily, this seems to be happening at a quicker pace than at any other point in Bitcoin's existence. However, do not get complacent. Keep spreading the message. Keep stacking sats. We will have Freedom in the Digital Age if we will it into existence.

Final thought...

Forgot how exhilarating the first day of the NCAA tourney is.

Enjoy your weekend, freaks.


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