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Issue #952: Beauty Matters, let's strive for beauty

Issue #952: Beauty Matters, let's strive for beauty

Mar 18, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #952: Beauty Matters, let's strive for beauty

It's been a few years since I've watched this incredible documentary from the late Roger Scruton, Why Beauty Matters. It was brought to my attention from an incredible thinker in the Bitcoin space and a former pupil of Sir Roger, Allen Farrington, and I feel compelled to bring the documentary and Allen's thread on his former professor to your attention.

Beauty matters, freaks, and society has strayed so far from beauty in recent decades in many aspects of life; architecture, art, music, and overall discourse. Most things these days seem to be unimaginative, poorly planned, hastily thrown together, and repetitive. The Fiat Standard has borked everything and we need to strive to create beauty in our world. As we discussed last week when touching on Bitcoin Urbanism, the tool that will enable us to strive for beauty the best is Bitcoin. It sounds crazy, your crazy Uncle Marty knows.

However, when you dig deep into the woes of our society and the ugliness that runs throughout it, there seems to be a connection to the decay in monetary policy and the decay in morals, social cohesion, and quality of aesthetics. A Bitcoin Standard will better equip us to properly strive for beauty. "Why should we strive for beauty?" Because beauty matters, and Sir Roger explains why in the documentary above. Take some time to peep it.

Final thought...

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