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Issue #917: Let's start our own club

Issue #917: Let's start our own club

Jan 28, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #917: Let's start our own club

George Carlin was so god damn prescient. After today, if it isn't abundantly clear to you that we live in the two-tiered society I described yesterday, there may be no hope for you. The abrupt halting of the ability of retail investors to buy $GME, $AMC and $NOK on Robinhood and a few other trading platforms was nothing short of CRIMINAL. The only option users had on Robinhood was to hold or sell. There were even reports of Robinhood force selling on behalf of users for "their own safety". Making it so the price could only go in one direction, down. In favor of Melvin Capital, Citadel and others who were caught with their pants down.

Again, this was CRIMINAL and everyone involved should be tried for manipulation. These actions are also leading me to believe that my hunch that the tendie army was pulling forward a systemic collapse is a good hunch.

Today is a pivotal day for our modern civilization. I won't be surprised if this is pin pointed as an inflection point that leads to a mass exodus away from the kleptocratic elite. The energy flowing through social media today was palpable. The people are absolutely pissed and seem primed to do something about it.

Uncle Marty's advice; let's start our own club. We can walk away from these criminals and create a fairer system build around Bitcoin.

Final thought...

Physically exhausted after today and I didn't leave my desk.


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