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Issue #916: The Capital Riot

Issue #916: The Capital Riot

Jan 27, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #916: The Capital Riot

This week has made it clearer than ever that we live in a two-tiered world. Some get to play by their own rules and there are the plebs, who are subjected to the arbitrary rule of those who get to play by their own rules. The capital riot incited by a bunch of self-proclaimed "tendie loving retards" from r/wallstreetbets against elite Wall Street hedge funds has been nothing short of awe inspiring. The downtrodden plebs did their research, found some over-levered short positions from a particular hedge fund on a particular stock, and decided to make a collective trade against the fund. They succeeded too.

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This has thrown Wall Street and the financial bloggers who cover the markets into a frantic frenzy. NASDAQ's CEO has come out and said that she is pondering halting trading on the stocks that the tendie army is investing in so that the hedge funds that are losing money on the other side of these trades can "recalibrate" their positions before going bust. The SEC is "actively monitoring the situation". CNBC pundits are attempting to gain shame activist investors like Chamath Palihapitiya for going along with the plebs. There is pearl-clutching going on everywhere you look and it is absolutely DISGUSTING.

The little man gets a win after years and years and years of getting dicked over by the system and Wall Street cries for manipulation. Pathetic.

Many people looked at the meme I made above last night and thought I was equating Bitcoin with GameStop stock. This is not the message I was attempting to portray. The tendie army has accomplished more in a few days than Occupy Wall Street accomplished during the entirety of its existence. These plebs have delivered a significant blow to the establishment and they did it by playing within the rules of the game laid out by Wall Street and regulators. The establishment does not like this and as a result they are beginning to ponder changing the rules of the game.

What I'm trying to decide is whether allowing these funds to "recalibrate" would be a signal that the powers that be simply don't like when the plebs win within the rules of the game or if the recalibration is panicked move to save a system that is systemically broken. We've talked a lot about the fact that the Fed in conjunction with the Treasury has decided to default via inflation instead of defaulting on their obligations straight up. We know that Citadel, a firm that had to be bailed out in the Fall of 2019 due to the liquidity crunch in the overnight repo markets, has a lot of exposure to the hedge fund at the center of the tendie army's ire, Melvin Capital. Could Citadel's exposure to Melvin be a systemic risk to its fund and the rest of the market? I would not be surprised.

At the end of the day, the anger and search for justice emanating from r/wallstreetbets is a very important indicator to track and pay attention to. The little man has been given the shit end of the stick for too long and he has been driven to the point of action. Very effective action in the form of a capital riot against the big boys who have been manipulating markets to their benefit for decades. Wait until they realize how powerful of a tool Bitcoin is when it comes to fighting back against this kleptocratic system. They're targeting the layer above the base layer by targeting these hedge funds and pushing their money into certain stocks. Bitcoin attacks the base layer directly.

You are alive during a wild time. Take it in, but also take action. We can break free from this two-tiered system. Join us on the front lines.

Final thought...

Clubhouse is fucking addicting.


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