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Issue #807: Global monetary base update

Issue #807: Global monetary base update

Aug 20, 2020
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #807: Global monetary base update

The two-man team behind the Crypto Voices podcast, Matthew Mežinskis and Fernando Ulrich, have been doing an incredible job of collecting data and documenting the total base money that exists today. We have covered their reports in the past, but it has been over a year since our last issue on the topic. Considering the amount of monetary stimulus saw in Q2 of 2020, it would be irresponsible of your Uncle Marty to not share today's report from Matthew and Fernando.

I highly recommend you take some time to go through the report and listen to the episode on the subject when it drops. The data is very illuminating, highlights just how mad the world has gone with money printing, and shows that Bitcoin is certainly gaining some ground in the world as a base money. This chart particularly drives that message home.

crypto voices
via Crypto Voices

Bitcoin still has a ways to go, but make no mistake, it is on the stage and seems to be gaining more attention as we move forward in time. As the monetary madness pursued by Central Banks and governments alike continues unabated, we should see Bitcoin jumping further up the list of global monetary base monies.

Huge shout out to the boys for putting in the work to get this data to the world.

via crypto voices

Final thought...

Need to find more time to eat during the day.


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