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Issue #806: HODLers prove the haters wrong

Issue #806: HODLers prove the haters wrong

Aug 19, 2020
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #806: HODLers prove the haters wrong

Here's a great thread from MetaMick on how the hodl culture that persists among bitcoiners is the best proof that critics who label the nascent digital asset as a Ponzi scheme, a flash in the pan, or a Tulip bubble are woefully wrong. Bitcoin's price appreciation and subsequent celebration of that appreciation by those who hold bitcoin causes critics' minds to short circuit as they believe bitcoiners are gloating about their sick gainz. This may be true for some bitcoiners, but the sick gainz don't encompass the totality of the euphoria bitcoiners experience as the price increases. The sick gainz are paired with strides that bring humanity closer to true Liberty and Freedom in the Digital Age.

As we said last week, Bitcoin is the most significant achievement for those who agree with Natural Law Theory since the founding fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Bitcoin's price going up means that adoption is increasing. Adoption increasing means that it is becoming harder to kill Bitcoin, if that's even possible at this point. As Bitcoin's success becomes more inevitable bitcoiners celebrate, sometimes brazenly, because the shackles of the system we have been subjected to for our entire lives are slowly rusting. Weakening their ability to tie us to lives of quiet desperation. Helping us to get out of the rat race and build lives of true prosperity.

The critics who only see price increases and jeering bitcoiners are missing the forest for the trees. Especially when you consider the rollercoaster ride many bitcoin holders have been on throughout the last decade. They will probably keep hating, but in due time they will submit to the fact that Bitcoin is real, it is revolutionary, it isn't going away, and it will continue to appreciate as more individuals begin to realize this.

You can't have hate in your heart if you want to change the world.

Peep MetaMick's thread and his linked article as he goes into more depth than the three tweets above.

Final thought...

Best session of the Summer this morning. Steep drop ins, quality lefts, a little rain. What more can a man ask for?


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