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Issue #788: Time to jump cultural S-curves

Issue #788: Time to jump cultural S-curves

Jul 24, 2020
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #788: Time to jump cultural S-curves

It's time to jump the cultural ship that has reached the "paradigm paralysis" stage of its s-curve and escape to the safety of a promising future by embracing technologies and cultural norms that get us out of the debilitating paralysis. The ride up this s-curve has certainly brought with it some incredible things.

The Internet is pretty widespread. The ability for individuals to access a digital Library of Alexandria has produced more educated people on this planet than individuals a century ago could have fathomed. The communication tools we've created have connected people from all over the world who would have never met each other, let alone share ideas. Individuals have been able to build careers for themselves that would not have been possible only a few decades ago. This has all been extremely good for humanity and we should aim to keep this trend going, but this technological progress has come with some terrible cultural consequences that are exacerbated by a world run on easy money.

This s-curve has also brought us click-bait journalism that values traffic volume over substance and quality of the content being produced. It has brought us short-term thinking dominated by quarterly targets and a growth at all costs mindset. This has led to a massive misallocation of capital which has forced individuals into careers that do little to benefit society as a whole. From this, a professional managerial class has emerged that is not able to distinguish itself from the working class via a higher paycheck or value add to society, so instead this class of people has started to attempt to separate itself via a perceived moral superiority. With this class of people has emerged the phenomenon known as Woke Capital. Fomenting an acidic culture of signaling one's virtue instead of acting in meat space to bring actual positive change to the world. Hitting send on a Tweet that is accompanied by a particular hashtag or momentary viral phrase from the comfort of one's couch is perceived as action today. Getting off one's ass and actually acting to make the world a better place via individual action is a foreign concept to most. The irony of tweeting about climate change and social justice from a device that is powered by a lithium ion battery and was constructed with slave labor is lost on the woke capitalists' foot soldiers.

If you look around, this paradigm seems to be hitting a head. It is no longer socially scalable. The system that's been constructed depends on constant growth, money printing, and division among the masses who are hamstrung by a quiet desperation stemming from the fact that they don't really have much to show for their time on this rock flying through space. These trends cannot continue for much longer. Growth is slowing. Money printing is becoming less effective. And the cultural marxism we're witnessing spread throughout society is starting to pit former bedfellows against each other. Paralysis is setting in.

We find ourselves at a fork in the road, freaks. We can continue down the path this dominant paradigm has set forth for us until we hit a wall and the benefits of the s-curve run dry. Or, we can jump ship and catch the bottom of an emerging s-curve. One that gives us the ability to build a future built on sound money that cannot be controlled, individualism, and personal responsibility. A paradigm that forces individuals to lower their time preference, roll up their sleeves and perform actual work that benefits themselves and society overall, and actually change the world instead of tweeting about thinking about it from the comfort of one's couch. We can bring the good parts of this dying paradigm with us and improve upon them so they cannot be controlled by a few and weaponized against those who exhibit wrong think.

The escape pod that will take you to a new and better paradigm is waiting for you. Are you willing to take agency over your future and the future of your children by jumping ship?

Final thought...

Snuck into the VIP section of the Fire Fly music festival around 2015 with a good buddy of mine. We drank premium liquor all day, saw some pretty dope acts from backstage, ended the night side stage of Paul McCartney and hijacked a golf cart back to our camp site. Good times.

Enjoy your weekend, freaks.


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