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Issue #584: Let's all just walk away

Issue #584: Let's all just walk away

Oct 4, 2019
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #584: Let's all just walk away

I don't know if it's because I woke up with a slight hangover or if my psyche simply cannot take any more of the insanity of our current political climate, but I'm here to rant at you freaks about why we should all walk away. Particularly from the political class that makes decisions on our behalf.

We are still 13-months away from the 2020 election here in the US and the state of discourse between the assholes we have to choose between has devolved into a never ending quest to impeach our sitting president because people don't like him, Nickleback memes, and discussions about eating babies. Truly incredible stuff from the greatest country on Earth.

Is this what we're willing to settle for? Is this what we would call a "functioning" government?

I certainly do not think this is what our fore fathers envisioned when they erected the Republic. And I do not think we should be settling for this bullshit any longer. Wake the fuck up, people. The political class does not care about you. They do not care about progress for the common man. The system has been completely captured by special interests and sociopaths. Instead of actually getting stuff done, the political class has a new mandate; divide and brew hatred among the populace. Use misdirection to make everyone believe their problems stem from "the other" instead of a military/central banking complex dead set on endless war and money printing that subjugate the masses around the globe.

For some reason, probably because we are creatures of habit, we embark on the (LITERALLY) insane journey of election season every two years thinking that something will change. We may get fleeting moments of hope after an incumbent party is dethroned via the loud empty promises of the other party, but reality always eventually sets in and we learn that the New Boss is the same as the Old Boss. More debt, more war, more division, and an increasingly overwhelming sense of dread for the masses.

Pssssttttt..... it doesn't have to be this way, freaks. Especially not today. Especially not in a world in which individuals have the amount of power and leverage enabled by technology that they do at this moment. We can build better systems. We ARE building better systems. This is why we Bitcoin. The sooner more people realize this, the sooner we can escape the insanity.

Once you walk away you'll find that "the other" aligns infinitely more with your worldview than the sociopaths we call politicians.

Rant over.

Final thought...

Who is the one you love?

Enjoy your weekend, freaks?


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