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Issue #583: An anonymous hosting service emerges

Issue #583: An anonymous hosting service emerges

Oct 3, 2019
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #583: An anonymous hosting service emerges

Here's an interesting product from the team that brought us Nodl, Host4Coins. A dedicated server, an alternative to Amazon Web Services and other hosting services, that only accepts payment in BTC and requires no KYC. Anons are welcome, and are probably encouraged.

Just another example of the types of services that bitcoin can enable. Those who wish to host their website on a server anonymously without having the providers of the servers or payment processors knowing who they are can do so now via Host4Coins. This is a great service for companies and organizations running BTCPayServer instances in the cloud using AWS or similar monolithic hosting provides. In fact, we here at the Ƀent will probably be moving our instance and website hosting to Host4Coins by the end of the year.

I expect these types of services to become more popular in the future as the push by the politically correct tech elite to silence opposing opinions only gets stronger over time. As more WikiLeaks, Gabs, and similar independent content producers get deplatformed. Better to support these types of services now so that they can proliferate to a point that the transition for every wrong thinker in the future is as seamless as possible.

Bitcoin's censorship resistance and principled entrepreneurs for the win!

Final thought...

Loving this rainy Autumn morning in NYC.


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