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Issue #553: Recovery techniques for different wallets

Issue #553: Recovery techniques for different wallets

Aug 21, 2019
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #553: Recovery techniques for different wallets

Here's an interesting informational page on the Internet created by Coinkite's founder Rodolfo Novak and Janine from Block Digest. This Wallets Recovery page serves to help individuals find documents that explain how to recover seeds from individual wallet providers. A process that isn't very straightforward for a lot of wallets. Especially if the team working on the wallet loses interest and abandons the project, which has happened many times throughout Bitcoin's history.

On top of this, it is impossible to ensure that the teams building wallets launch their software after having met generally agreed upon BIP standards that make it so individual users can easily recover their funds using a different wallet software than the one that produced their seed. Because of this, it is not uncommon for novice users to produce a seed using one wallet, attempt to recover on another unsuccessfully, and come to the conclusion that Bitcoin is broken even though it isn't. We shouldn't blame the users who have less experience with or knowledge of these nuances. Instead, we should work hard, like Rodolfo and Janine currently are, to make the resources around these wallets more accessible.

Due to the nature of Bitcoin being an open-source software project, individuals are going to be able to build however they like on top of the protocol as long as it is within the rules. With this in mind, we should encourage these individuals to go the extra mile to over-communicate with their userbase and provide proper documentation on how they can recover their seeds. Afterall, it is simply good practice that will make individuals' overall experience with Bitcoin that much better. Making it more likely they recommend friends stack sats and take custody of their own keys.

Thank you to individuals like Rodolfo and Janine who are putting the team on their back to get this initiative going. As you can see from the thread above, this is a work in progress and help is needed. So if you are willing and able, this could be a place to help contribute to Bitcoin. Especially if you've been sitting on leaning and bobbing on the edge of the double dutch rope waiting to jump into the fray.

Final thought...

The Summer slow down is in full force. Not sure how I feel about it.


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