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Issue #552: Miniscript is here

Issue #552: Miniscript is here

Aug 20, 2019
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #552: Miniscript is here

Last night, Bitcoin Core contributor Pieter Wuille officially announced the release of Miniscript, a language that allows individuals to utilize Bitcoin Scripts in more complex ways. A giant step forward in terms of the ability to build more complex interactions and better user experiences.

With Miniscript, wallet developers are now able to take better advantage of features like timelocks, multisig schemes for different situations, and passphrases. Making previously hard to work with Bitcoin Scripts more composable and, therefore, usable. The possibilities that are enabled by this are a huge boost to security as it is now much easier to make it very hard to move your bitcoins. Hopefully encouraging practices that create strong disincentives to attack. If it is easier to construct scripts that make it so one has to wait a certain period of time, get someone else or a few others to sign, enter a password, or a combination of the three before a transaction is sent, the risk-reward ratio begins to skew more heavily towards risk.

Beyond the increased security via functionality, Miniscript will also enable cool use cases for businesses that use Bitcoin. Business owners and managers are now able to easily set up spending conditions between partners, departments, and individual employees. These are only but a few of the possibilities that will be enabled with Miniscript. Slowly but surely, the Bitcoin Network and the tools built to leverage it become more robust. Making the network more valuable and driving the feedback loop into a higher gear.


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