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Issue #531: The future of energy efficiency is here...

Issue #531: The future of energy efficiency is here...

Jul 22, 2019
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #531: The future of energy efficiency is here...

It's just not widespread yet. As you can see from the patchworked thread, the hardware needed to start becoming more efficient when extracting fossil fuels from the Earth is here. And it is beautiful.

For those of you who are relatively new to this rag, Uncle Marty is a pretty adamant advocate of Bitcoin mining as a way to help the world reach peak energy efficiency. Instead of waiting for a "Green New Deal" to materialize, we have material actions that can be taken TODAY to begin curbing emissions. By bringing Bitcoin mining data centers that cap the flared gas that is dumped into the atmosphere by oil and natural gas extraction fields we can start being less wasteful and cleaner as a society.

As you can see from the last tweet above, this one small Ohmm box reduces carbon emissions by 7400 metric TONNES per year. Imagine how much carbon we could prevent from entering the atmosphere if we begin retrofitting every oil and gas field in the world with these data centers. Talk about actionable solutions. Think of the alternative, a bunch of politicians passing draconian laws that take more money from your paycheck to set on fire, probably polluting the atmosphere even more.

What the hell are we waiting for?

Here's a nice video of the Ohmm in action:

Final thought...

At least this issue wasn't as delayed as my flight home from Canada was this weekend.


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