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Issue #530: You should read this

Issue #530: You should read this

Jul 19, 2019
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #530: You should read this

Hey there freaks. I hope you're enjoying your Friday morning on this gloriously hot July week. I'm sure some of you are at work, wishing you were on a beach, delaying the little bit of menial work you have to finish before the weekend. Some of you are probably at the beach somewhere on this rock, ready to sit back in your chair and relax.

No matter where you are, I think this letter from Ray Dalio on paradigm shifts over the last 100 years is a great read to kill some time and reflect on the current state of the world in the context of the last century.

We find ourselves in, what seems to be, a very precarious situation as the world looks to be entering another phase of coordinated monetary easing. As we reembark on this journey towards 0%, it will be interesting to see how much tension arises between the haves (those with financial assets) and the have-nots (most of the world living paycheck to paycheck). It will also be interesting to see how Bitcoin fares in this environment.

Be aware.

Final thought...

Slept on a top bunk for the first time in a minute last night. Reminded me of the time in 7th grade that I fell off the top bunk while sleeping, causing me to moan and cry out to my parents only to have my brother tell me the "SHUT THE HELL UP."

Enjoy your weekend, freaks.


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