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Issue #425: StopAndDecrypt gets it

Feb 21, 2019
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #425: StopAndDecrypt gets it

Our boy StopAndDecrypt is at it again, clearly explaining billion-dollar business ideas for free on Twitter dot com. How generous of him, we are truly lucky. Seriously though, keeping in line with the recent theme of UX design + Bitcoin, this is what I envision the winner of the consumer Bitcoin wallet war to look like. A company that comes to market with every box on the above list checked off is going to see a lot of traction IMHO.

Low-hanging fruit, freaks. It's out there to be scooped up by people with enough balls to take the risk of dedicating time and some money to make it happen. Luckily, we have trailblazers like Samourai Wallet pushing the edges of the mobile wallet space towards a future of better privacy and financial freedom that Bitcoin can enable. However, there is much room for increased competition and improvement. More companies entering the fray, lighting a fire under incumbents' asses so that they compete on privacy + security, will ensure that we have the ironclad digital tools needed to interact with Bitcoin without a 3rd party or with the least amount of risk as possibly needed when interacting with a 3rd party.

For some reason, I'm extremely optimistic that competition is on the way. I don't think we're as far off from these ironclad tools as some think we may be. Once someone checks off the above list and provides a seamless UX on top of it, everyone will be forced to compete using these features as new baseline features when creating/upgrading a wallet.

Who's got the balls to send it?

Final thought...

Haven't had a glass of milk in ages. Used to chug it by the half gallon in high school. Don't miss it that much.


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