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Issue #424: Lessons from history

Issue #424: Lessons from history

Feb 20, 2019
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #424: Lessons from history

We all know that Uncle Marty is a sucker for high-quality historical examples of times when sanity reigned in certain parts of the world and people understood the importance of keeping the government out of their money. Luckily for him, our boy @arbedout found this gem of a snippet from Iranian history. Shoutout to the late 13th-century Iranian merchant class for having the integrity to refuse the attempted encroachment of their rulers to bastardize their money. Taking the vizier into the streets and tearing him to pieces.

What a run the Iranians went on after that too. 600+ years of (I'm assuming) unabated sound money. The epic run only came to an end when England ended the Gold standard in 1931. Depreciating Iran's (and others) currency immediately and highlighting the unfairness of having a central authority taking control of money production.

Why were Iranians able to innately understand the importance of keeping money out of the State's control 700 years ago? How have we strayed so far from this understanding? How much further will we stray? These are the questions that haunt me.

A great response to derp

Here's a great piece from Alex Gladstein of the Human Rights Foundation responding to derp spewed by serial Bitcoin hater, David Gerard. I highly recommend you freaks check it out, as Alex does a great job of explaining why Bitcoin is important for the future of human rights in a world that is becoming increasingly Orwellian with the rise of centrally run tech products overseen by corporations and governments.

A great article to send your friends who have been repeating mainstream FUD to you without taking a deeper dive. Alex gets right to the core.

Final thought...

Always wonder what it's like to live the fly fisherman life. Seems pretty chill.


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