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Issue #385: War is Peace

Dec 21, 2018
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #385: War is Peace

This has been a disconcerting trend to follow over the last couple of days in the wake of Trump pulling out of Syria and General Mattis announcing his retirement; previously vigorously anti-war politicians and pundits alike turning militaristic because they feel the need to combat anything this administration attempts to accomplish. What a weird, convoluted world we're living in. Pretty sick if you think about it.

We need more people with skin in the game.

I believe a majority of Americans would concede that our endeavors in the Middle East since 2002 have not produced the best outcomes for the countries we've invaded nor ourselves in the long run. We've learned that countries attempting to play world police and intervening in centuries-long, religiously-charged conflicts result in chaos. It is about time we begin to try to right the wrong which was invading the Middle East under false pretenses and creating disparate vacuums of power which led to an increase of terrorism in the region as radical groups saw the chaos as an opportunity.

The fact that the Democratic Party, at one point vehemently anti-war in the Middle East, is now up in arms about pulling out of the region should be extremely disconcerting for any of you who think there's any semblance of legitimacy in the political realm these days. The concept of having principles is non-existent in Washington DC. And these people who flip back and forth between positions depending on how they perceive they need to posture against the opposition are the ones pulling the levers. Collecting and allocating our tax dollars to enable this neverending war. Spineless, opportunistic sociopaths send young poor people to foreign lands to defend a notion of "freedom" which seems to be receding at an accelerating pace in the modern world. Something to ponder for you freaks.

Final thought...

Confession: Cher's "Do you Believe in Life After Love?" was song #1 on my 10th birthday mix CD.

Enjoy your weekend, freaks.


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