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Issue #314: The BIS, some fuccbois

Sep 10, 2018
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #314: The BIS, some fuccbois

Here's a great thread on the history of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) that you freaks should check out when you get some time today. To many, the BIS is probably the biggest villain standing in Bitcoin's way as it attempts to become the reserve currency of the world. Little do most people know, the BIS, an unelected group of bureaucrats who make a lot of the biggest decisions for the international banking community, started out as the financing arm of Nazi Germany during World War II. These are the people who pull the strings of international finance and banking laws from behind the curtains and are able to lie, cheat and steal without any repercussions.

"But, Marty, you're probably just saying that to make Bitcoin seem better by comparison. These guys can't be that bad." No, they're really THAT BAD. Check out this documentary whenever you have a free hour (pretty sure I've shared it in this rag before, but another time can't hurt), it will introduce you to the ways in which this shadow organization operates and how it completely neuters the US, UK and other governments and their justice departments. Complete cucks when it comes to being the lapdogs of these banking institutions.

As I've said before. This is why we Bitcoin, freaks. To get away from institutions like the BIS that allow a few people to dictate how money is created and how banking works for the rest of us.

Big Blocks

Shoutout to Conan for pointing this out. Don't let the haters tell you Bitcoin isn't scaling. It is scaling, slowly but surely.

Final thought...

Driving through a torrential downpour is sketchy, but people really respect the left lane when it's raining like this. People need to treat the left lane with this type of respect at all times.


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