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Issue #313: Bitcoin worked before the white paper

Sep 7, 2018
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #313: Bitcoin worked before the white paper

Well here's an interesting fact about the Bitcoin network that some of you freaks may not know; Satoshi had a working code BEFORE he wrote and released the Bitcoin white paper. What a novel idea! Make sure the product you're about to release works. Could you imagine if this was a prerequisite for releasing an ICO white paper? Would they even exist?

This whole god damn "industry" has bastardized the concept of a white paper. These days, one needs to vigorously filter their white paper consumption as to avoid the slew of putrid trash that passes as academic prose. Never forget, a lot of ICO white papers are written by people looking to swindle retail investors out of their hard-earned bitcoins and dollars. Read and act on that acquired "knowledge" with caution.

Let this be another anecdotal data point used to describe how pure Bitcoin is compared to the affinity scams that were created in its wake. For example, Ethereum released a white paper (actually a yellow paper, how edgy) raised $18.4M from retail only to launch a platform that has grown to such a size that makes it so only a few individuals are capable of spinning up full nodes. On top of this, the network grinds to a halt when the apps built on it are actually used. In conclusion, I think we can all agree that this stuff is #hard and we should all be skeptical that a white paper = a working product.

While I have your attention, this seems like a good time to refer you freaks to the Nakamoto Institute's "The Complete Satoshi" page. If you're bored at work on this Friday, I highly recommend clicking thru the page and reading some of Satoshi's writings to get a peek into the mind of the man/woman/alien/ai/group who gave us this incredible tool.

Final thought...

Keurig coffee is trash coffee.

Enjoy your weekend, freaks.


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