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Issue #1165: Censorship, microwaves and warmongering

Issue #1165: Censorship, microwaves and warmongering

Feb 17, 2022
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1165: Censorship, microwaves and warmongering

The Common Man is currently attempting to make his voice heard in more ways than one as the morass of an ever expanding amorphous supranational Totalitarian order attempts to put him in the grave. Whether it be using his ability to take up space to force those in power to recognize his legitimate grievances or simply trying to have a conversation in an attempt to get an understanding of the landscape; the state, materializing in many different forms is there to put him in his place.

In Canada, those participating in the peaceful Freedom Convoy are being labeled as domestic terrorists who don't deserve the ability to bank.

Here in the US (and beyond), anyone who attempts to seek out perspectives of those who don't find themselves within the halls of the mainstream corporate press and medical establishment is getting labeled an unstable quack unworthy of having their thoughts broadcast to the rest of the world.

In Australia, those who are fed up of being unreasonably locked in their homes are hitting the streets only to be met by high powered military equipment that could potentially mess with the structure of their DNA.

Despite the fact that seemingly no American or any other citizen who finds themselves living within the borders of another nation that claims to be a participant in NATO really wants to go to war with Russia; the leaders of the US and some other NATO nations seem hellbent on forcing the issue.

Everywhere you turn, the "Western democracies" that are put on pedestals for the rest of the world to look up to are proving to be utterly despicable institutions worthy of incredible scorn, ridicule and public shaming.

Yet, for some reason, the corporate press and those dumb enough to believe their lies continue down the path of anti-human Authoritarianism unfazed. Your Uncle Marty can't tell if they genuinely believe they are righteous or if they are so sociopathic that they know how to put on a poker face that makes one believe they are genuine in their intentions.

It's really pretty sick.

Here's to hoping that we can bring about a more peaceful world by adopting a global sound money built on Bitcoin that will increase the incentive for cooperation and decrease the incentive for domination. Maybe this is wishful thinking, but right now it seems like a much better type of thinking than the kind that dominates the culture today.

Peace and love.

Final thought...

Ready to get my February tan game on.


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