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Issue #1157: They're making the case for Bitcoin right before our eyes

Issue #1157: They're making the case for Bitcoin right before our eyes

Feb 4, 2022
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1157: They're making the case for Bitcoin right before our eyes

It's not every day that we are given a hand gifted PR opportunity for Bitcoin. However, today was one of those days. As many of you are probably aware of by now, there is a massive peaceful protest happening in Canada at them moment being led by truckers who are fed up with the Canadian governments mandates in regards to forced vaccination. In an effort to make sure the thousands of truckers who have gathered in Ottawa are sufficiently supplied with fuel and food a GoFundMe campaign was spun up to crowdsource funds to secure the supplies.

The Canadian government being led by Justin Trudeau, who has completely disappeared at a time when he should be acting like a man and listening to his fellow countrymen's legitimate complaints about the freedoms Trudeau and company have stripped from them, seems to have coerced GoFundMe to freeze the Freedom Convoy's campaign using the justification of "occupation". A stunningly brazen act of political violence against an extremely peaceful group of people. Though, this shouldn't be surprising. Justin Trudeau's government, as well as many other governments around the world, have made it pretty clear over the last few years that they do not care about the civil liberties of individuals.

This move by GoFundMe and the Canadian government is an incredible endorsement of Bitcoin and its reason for being. The fact that GoFundMe has the power to unilaterally freeze $9M of funds that were crowdsourced for a legitimate cause shows that centralized third parties are a gaping security hole that Bitcoin fills. If a government decides they don't like a particular movement they can use their influence to pressure corporations to prevent that movement from doing particular things. Mainly posting content, and in this case, receiving money.

In a world in which Bitcoin exists, it becomes significantly harder for governments to prevent individuals from receiving money. Nothing is proving this in real time than the current crowdfunding campaign for the Freedom Convoy that is being run on Tallycoin, a crowdfunding site that allows individuals to raise funds using bitcoin in a non-custodial fashion. Users set up a campaign, create bitcoin wallets they control, and begin accepting money that THEY CONTROL. It's as simple as that.

Below is an example of me donating to the Freedom Convoy crowdfunding campaign live on air yesterday while recording Rabbit Hole Recap. (Starts around 25:30 if the link doesn't take you there automatically.)

This transaction was sent directly from a node I control to a node controlled by BTC Sessions who is running the campaign on behalf of the Freedom Convoy. No middlemen. No one able to stop me from sending and Sessions from receiving unless they physically restrained us from doing so. This is the beauty of Bitcoin. And it will only become more apparent as governments attempt to exert more control over the individuals they think they now rule over instead of serve.

On top of this, Bitcoin, if used correctly, allows individuals to send and receive funds in a much more private manner so that governments can't make lists of people who donate to certain causes so that they can then be persecuted for committing the high crime of wrong think.

Final thought...

Good Time is a hell of a movie.

Enjoy your weekend, freaks.


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