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Issue #1156: Poor, malnourished and dependent

Issue #1156: Poor, malnourished and dependent

Feb 4, 2022
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1156: Poor, malnourished and dependent

The powers that be are working overtime to condition individuals into believing that they are insignificant and unworthy of life.

"Inflation is an inevitable part of life. Your grocery bills were always meant to rise, pleb."

"There are simply too many humans. If life is to continue at this pace, the plebs must eat industrial sludge."

"The plebs are wholly dependent on an almighty state to provide them with a quality of life."

These are consensus thoughts among the mainstream that are being consistently bombarded on the masses in an effort to get them to submit.

Slowly but surely over the course of many decades, those in charge have fucked up the money, fucked up the food supply, and fucked up the nuclear family in an attempt to discombobulate and bring about a particular outcome that most have been passively "happy" to accept.

If humanity keeps forging down this path it will be led to ruin. It is high time that the Common Man wakes up, recognizes what is being done to him, and stands up for his natural rights in a steadfast manner. Rejecting the anti-human beliefs of the Regime and leaning into the beauty of the flawed nature of Man.

The time to make a stand against the Malthusians is now. Do not give these anti-humans another inch. It is time to begin celebrating the genius ability of humanity again.

Final thought...

Brought to you by board games and tequila.


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