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Issue #1101: The desperation grows stronger

Issue #1101: The desperation grows stronger

Oct 25, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1101: The desperation grows stronger

A little less than a month ago we highlighted the fact that the government seems to be in a state of utter desperation as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen calls, yet again, for a tax on unrealized capital gains. The government is justifying this move as a means to help cover a budget gap in the multi-trillion cuck buck Build Back Better™ plan that supposed to cost $0. An astounding amount of compounding incompetency coupled with overt gaslighting.

It started with the "$3.5 trillion bill will cost $0". This has now expanded to "this tax on unrealized gains of the wealthiest individuals isn't a wealth confiscation". It is truly amazing to see the Regime lie so callously to the American people. These people don't have an ounce of integrity and are completely detached from reality. As we said last month, the increasingly shameless desperation is a strong signal that the Regime is losing control and attempting to clamp down as much as they can.

Either that, or they are seeing how far they can push US citizens before they begin to wake up and realize they are being robbed blind. How the hell would you even tax these unrealized gains? Are they taxed on a daily basis? Quarterly? After close every Friday? If you were to force people to calculate their unrealized gains taxes at a particular point in time wouldn't that create an incentive to manipulate prices lower to reduce tax burdens? The fact that this is even being presented as a viable option is completely mind blowing. "Hey, yeah.... We're going to need to confiscate this unrealized wealth you planned on sitting on for many more years as part of your personal savings and investment portfolio."

Just wait until bitcoin's price continues to rise to astronomical levels. Make no mistake, if the 75-year old puppet Janet Yellen gets her way, the government will attempt to lever insane unrealized gains taxes on bitcoin holders. Prepare to be singled out and to push back against this overt theft from a Regime that is overstepping its boundaries with these types of measures. We can not cede anymore ground to these kleptocrats. Mock them at every turn.

Final thought...

My new bed has very comfy pillows.


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