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Issue #1085: Their desperation is palpable

Issue #1085: Their desperation is palpable

Sep 28, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1085: Their desperation is palpable

Is it your Crazy Uncle Marty or do you freaks sense a crazy amount of desperation oozing from the Regime in recent weeks? Particularly a push to normalize the plundering of the American taxpayer? Here are a few things that flew down my timeline in the last 24-hours alone.

While answering questions on Capitol Hill this morning, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen continued on her crusade to normalize taxes on unrealized capital gains. For those of you who may have forgotten, the multi-millionaire public servant has been beating the drum of taxes on unrealized gains since at least January of this year.

This would be an insane policy that would equate to overt theft if it is ever implemented. It would destroy wealth overnight and disincentivize any further investment by individuals. Not only that, but I find it extremely unlikely that the kleptocrats of the Regime would allow individuals to write off unrealized losses to offset tax payments. Those would be conveniently ignored. You can bet the house on that.

Moving on...

Biden's Press Secretary was out taxsplaining to the journos in the pig pen that the egregious tax hikes that are on the table wouldn't be an impetus for prices in the economy to increase even further because it would be "unfair and absurd" for companies to pass along some of their costs to consumers by raising prices. This is a level of economics 101 ineptitude that should result in forced resignations. To expect productive businesses to give the wasteful Federal Government more money without adjusting their prices would be laughable if this woman didn't answer the question with as much disgust for the businesses who haven't even raised prices yet as she did.

Last, but not least...

via Fox Business

The Biden administration is also proposing that banks and other financial services like Cash App and Venmo become required to collect and share information about their customers whose account have inflows and/or outflows of SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS with the IRS so that they can collect more taxes. Forcing these businesses to be super-charged snitches and completely borking their customers' privacy. Complete insanity.

This onslaught of clown world economics in the span of a couple days makes your Uncle Marty believe that they are REALLY losing their grip on the situation and are desperately scrambling to make all citizens indentured slaves with no privacy and no ability to achieve financial sovereignty in the economy. If all three of these policies are implemented, building a considerable amount of wealth would be likely impossible in the U S of A. Is this the future we want? Does this seem like a healthy society?

How much money must we watch this incompetent Federal Government - which is thoroughly incompetent no matter which party is behind the wheel at any given point in time - waste and plunder before a full on revolt?

Seriously, freaks. The time to leave the clown world behind and defund the madness by adopting a Bitcoin Standard as quickly as possible is nigh. The Regime has accrued so much debt and has backed itself into such a corner that their only way out is to literally plunder their citizens bank account by jacking tax rates up to astronomical levels, taxing gains that have not been realized as income, and deputizing banks and fintech apps to snitch on poor people sending or receiving more than $600.

These psychopaths do not deserve a cent. They have done nothing to earn your trust for many many decades. How many unjust wars, big bank bailouts, universal healthcare acts, and "infrastructure bills" filled with pork must the American taxpayer suffer before enough is enough?

Starve this beast. Buy bitcoin and opt out of their utter madness.

The Regime's cringe doesn't even stop here.

Final thought...

Call your grandmother (if she's still with us).


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