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Issue #1084: Who is going to seize the opportunity?

Issue #1084: Who is going to seize the opportunity?

Sep 27, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1084: Who is going to seize the opportunity?

The world is being presented with a massive opportunity by way of China as they seem adamant about actually banning Bitcoin activity within their borders. As Blake Masters points out, if the US government was forward-thinking, they would take the exact opposite approach and welcome Bitcoin with open arms, hold some in reserves, and encourage US citizens to build businesses and create services that increase Bitcoin's utility.

While I'm not holding my breath and expecting the US government to do any of this, I am very bullish on individual Americans seizing the opportunity without waiting for permission. In fact, I can confirm that this is already happening in the mining industry where entrepreneurs are moving at a rapid pace to deploy more hashrate on American soil while getting the energy industry bought in.

Regardless of whether or not the federal government gets exposure to bitcoin, the number of American citizens and businesses who hold bitcoin on their balance sheets is only going to increase from here. I also won't be surprised when individual states announce they are accumulating and holding bitcoins in their treasuries. This would actually be much preferable to the Federal Government getting exposure. We want to embolden states while shrinking the Federal Government's influence over the country.

It has never been less risky to hold and champion bitcoin. Over the course of this year some of the most potent Bitcoin FUD, which for the better part of a decade has revolved around the concentration of hashrate and ASIC manufacturing in China, has been thoroughly disarmed by the Chinese Communist Party as they decided to kick out mining operations in June and to kick out the ASIC manufacturers earlier today.

The opportunity is massive, Americans are trying to take advantage of it, and the only thing that can stop the industry in the US at the moment is an overarching Federal Government that gets jealous of its citizens succeeding. Hopefully we can build and ship as quickly as possible so that when that time comes it is too late. Onward!

Final thought...

Having watched both Incredibles movies many times over the last few months, I have decided I am an Incredibles 2 maximalist.


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