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Issue #1048: View everything through the lens of Monetary Reset

Issue #1048: View everything through the lens of Monetary Reset

Aug 4, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1048: View everything through the lens of Monetary Reset

I had the pleasure of sitting down and recording a podcast with a pseudo-anonymous bitcoiner yesterday, LaserHodl. I highly recommend you freaks peep the episode if you get a chance. The conversation was an extremely grounding force for me as it helped me get a better understanding of the lens through which I should be viewing many of the things I've been writing about in this rag and on Twitter for the last four years. The lens through which one should view all of the chaos in the world that has induced a mass psychosis is the lens of Monetary Reset.

All of the divisive tactics that have been deployed around Trump, race, COVID, the vaccine rollout, and the upcoming cyber pandemic are all driven by the push by the banking elite to reset the monetary system as the current system continues to crumble under the weight of overwhelming debt. Each social flare up that gets picked up by and beaten to death by the media via relentless fear tactics pushes the mass of individuals further and further into a state of confusion and instability. When combined, the feeling of collective existential dread becomes so overwhelming that many within the mass of individuals begin to beg for stability.

The banking-political-tech-media elite are attempting to use this confusion and thirst for stability as an opportunity to transition the masses to a new monetary regime they have designed. We've explained this monetary system many times in this rag. It is a Central Bank Digital Currency system which allows those in charge of the monetary system to dictate who you can send money to, how quickly your money needs to be spent, and whether or not it gets immediately taxed via negative interest rates. On top of this, the app which allows you to access your Central Bank Digital Cuck Buck will double as a social credit scoring system and digital passport which dictates to the outside world how you can interact with the economy. This system will completely destroy any autonomy you currently have (which isn't much) from the government. It is extremely frightening.

This is why we Bitcoin, freaks. To protect ourselves from the specter of an all encompassing digital panopticon controlled by a very small group of elites. When attempting to explain the importance of Bitcoin, it should be juxtaposed with the ongoing attempts at a great Monetary Reset. And when thinking about topics like COVID, vaccine passports, race wars, and cyber pandemics, they should viewed as things which drive division amongst the masses to push them closer to the Monetary Reset.

As we've said before in this rag, this may all come off as conspiratorial, but it's not. Those initiating and facilitating the Monetary Reset say all of this out in the open. You can hear and read it for yourself.

Final thought...

Rainy day lunch beers on the bay? Yes please.


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