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Issue #1047: What else does the media hide?

Issue #1047: What else does the media hide?

Aug 3, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1047: What else does the media hide?

As I'm sure most of you are aware by now, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been found guilty by the state's Attorney General's office of sexually assaulting multiple women throughout his governorship. To add salt to the wound that is the Cuomo family name, it has also become apparent that his brother Chris, one of CNN's top propaganda peddlers, was actively working to help Andrew cover up his disgusting actions and save face in the eyes of the public. While the fact that the Cuomo brothers are nothing more than soulless psychopaths dead set on fame and political power to anyone with an ounce of emotional intelligence, it seems that this revelation is a surprise to many individuals who viewed the Cuomo brothers as "good guys of the pandemic".

This belief was held by many despite the fact that there was very strong evidence to the contrary. Mainly the fact that tens of thousands of senior citizens died as a direct result of Andrew's policies during the breakout of the virus in New York state and Chris' hypocritical decision to go about life as normal after testing positive for COVID last summer.

As I stated in the tweet thread above, the juxtaposition of the media's portrayal of Andrew as a hero worthy of an Emmy award for how he responded to the pandemic + Chris' perceived moral superiority as evidenced via the constant pontification and lecturing from in front of CNN's cameras and their actual character, which has been exposed by the news of this sexual assault and subsequent coverup should have many who take the media's word at face value asking very hard questions.

Are Andrew and Chris an anomaly? If not, who else presents themselves as holier than thou in public but acts like a demented degenerate scum bag in private? At what point are we able to disregard the political-media power structure as moral taste makers when they prove to be complete hypocrites (think Gavin Newsome, London Breed, Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Mayor Kenney in Philly, and many others who have urged citizens to make sacrifices publicly but refused to make those same sacrifices themselves)? How many bullshiters are there that the media holds up? How much of what we see in the mainstream is projection from a class of hedonists who have no intention of practicing what they preach? How many of the people attempting to push you into the vaccine passport/CBDC wallet/social credit score system are actual scum bags with no regard for their fellow humans?

Final thought...

Meatballs and sausage night. Hell yeah.


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