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Issue #1011: Tasteful ridicule is the best way out

Issue #1011: Tasteful ridicule is the best way out

Jun 11, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1011: Tasteful ridicule is the best way out

In late April we wrote a rag about the current mass psychosis that large swaths of our global society are currently engulfed in. Over many decades, many of the mass of individuals who inhabit this planet have lost the ability to think critically. Opting instead to allocate their decision-making to a class of elites who have nothing more than power in mind, but do a good job of making many believe they know what they're talking about and have the masses' best interests in mind. This has led to a society completely detached from reality. A society that is completely detached from reality is dangerous. Especially dangerous for individual liberty and autonomy.

So, how can we get away from this mass psychosis? How can we begin to return to a society with a firm grasp of reality and truth?

The answer is simple; tasteful ridicule. This is explained in the follow-up video to "Is a mass psychosis the greatest threat to humanity?"

The psychopaths whom we have let attain positions of power in the West and beyond need to be met with calculated ridicule that highlights hypocrisy, falsehoods, and the true intentions of their policies; control over their fellow human. Point out things that equate to virtue signaling theater like a politician who opines about CO2 emissions while flying on a private jet. Call out instances of logical inconsistencies that arise from the "expert" class like the fact that many pushing a "Green New Deal" claim to want to uplift the poor and downtrodden while implementing policies that create unreliable and more expensive electricity grids that make poor people... worse off.

Take a completely idiotic photo op of world leaders who should be considered arsonist, this one...

via the G7 meetup

... and touch it up a bit by creating cartoon caricatures that really highlight their true nature.

via @HodlDotRocks

This is how we begin to detach ourselves from these megalomaniacs who care about nothing more than power and getting smoke blown up their asses.

Do not fear these people. Mock them. Incessantly.

Final thought...

A rainy Friday night is very much welcome right now.

Enjoy your weekend, freaks.


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