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Issue #980: We are living through a mass psychosis. How do we turn the tides?

Issue #980: We are living through a mass psychosis. How do we turn the tides?

Apr 28, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #980: We are living through a mass psychosis. How do we turn the tides?

It seems as though the world finds itself amid a mass psychosis. If you turn on a boob tube everywhere you turn leads to some form of fear and uncertainty driven by a proverbial boogeyman that could snatch you away in the middle of the night. Whether it be COVID, the climate emergency, or the growing wealth gap; many are being forced into a chemically induced reactionary state that our brains have developed over thousands of years of learning how to adapt to our environments in ways that will ensure survival. Many in the political, media, and academic classes are using the power of persuasion induced by fear and uncertainty to produce certain actions from the masses. We've seen this class of people use similar tactics time and time and time and time again throughout history, yet humanity still finds ways to develop collective amnesia and fall prey to these tactics again and again.

The video above does an incredible job of highlighting how these tactics end up infecting societies at large and leading them to a systemic psychotic event. I highly recommend you freaks peep the 12-minute video when you find some free time.

Many things going on today are founded in delusions. The push to force society to unreliable "green" energy sources that will cause electricity prices to skyrocket and harming the poor more than anyone. Forcing children to wear masks outside to "protect" them from a virus that has proven to spare them. Forcing young healthy individuals to get an experimental vaccine despite the fact that the chances of them surviving if they get the virus hover around 99.98%. Clamoring for higher taxes to "solve inequality" despite the fact that governments have proven time and time again to be the worst capital allocators on the planet. Repeating that we need inflation to achieve price stability. These are but a few examples your Uncle Marty can think of off the top of his head. Your Uncle Marty is probably going to get bombarded with hate for uttering these truths. The ensuing bombardment is proof that there is some form of mass psychosis permeating our society because there is truth riddled throughout each of them and many don't want to accept the truth, they want to believe they haven't been caught up in a manufactured reality.

What's driving this mass psychosis? How do we turn the tide?

Well, the three "pillars" of our society that I mentioned above, they are masters of leveraging fear and uncertainty to drive a mass of people to act in certain ways. They conjure illusions built on a manipulation of data to incite fear that leads to a psychotic break induced by anxiety. We have proof of this. Below is a piece of investigative journalism that caught a CNN producer to admit that the network was leveraging data to induce fear in the masses.

There are countless examples of people in power who have leveraged their platforms to manipulate and lie to the masses. To cover up missteps. All in the name of pushing forward their agenda, which wants to leverage fear to produce particular anti-human, anti-freedom outcomes. Here are a couple more examples of the media spewing untruths to push particular narratives.

It is time to walk away from this madness, from this induced mass psychosis before we lose the chance at having a civil society. Please, for the love of God, turn off your boob tube. Shun these bad actors. Don't fall prey to their manipulative tactics. It's leading us down a terrible terrible path. Seek the Truth. Think for yourself. Don't let their thoughts dictate your actions. You'll wake up one day to discover you've turned into a monster.

Final thought...

BIG podcast day for your boy and it's not over yet.


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