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Human Rights Foundation Awards $500K to 14 Bitcoin Projects

Human Rights Foundation Awards $500K to 14 Bitcoin Projects

Mar 19, 2024

Human Rights Foundation Awards $500K to 14 Bitcoin Projects

The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) has announced a new round of grants from its Bitcoin Development Fund, allocating $500,000 to support 14 projects worldwide. These grants are part of a broader effort to promote global education, Lightning Network development, decentralized communications, and financial freedom tools, particularly in regions like Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

According to Bitcoin Magazine, the HRF is committed to facilitating $2 million of grants in 2024, aimed at supporting innovative Bitcoin initiatives. The grants announced cover a variety of projects, with a focus on bolstering the technical infrastructure, educational resources, and economic empowerment related to Bitcoin.

The grant recipients include USD E-Cash by Calle, a USD-based Chaumian e-cash system built on the Cashu protocol, which seeks to provide private USD-denominated credits interoperable with the Bitcoin Lightning network. Another grantee, BTCPay Server, will use its funding to enhance the user experience of its open-source payment solution.

The BOB Builders Residency Program in Thailand is set to receive funding to focus on reinforcing Bitcoin's decentralization., a platform that promotes democracy and human rights within the Chinese-speaking community, will use its grant to translate and circulate Bitcoin educational materials in China.

The Bitcoin Innovation Hub in Uganda, led by Noble Nyangoma, and BITCOIN DADA, founded by Kenyan entrepreneur Lorraine Marcel, aim to provide financial education and empowerment to African communities, with a particular emphasis on women. Both initiatives are receiving support from Strike's nonprofit initiative.

Other projects include the Bitcoin Design Foundation, Bitcoin Op-Tech newsletter, Damus Android app, Bitcoin Core Developer Pablo Martin, LNbits, the Bitcoin Policy Summit 2024, the video series "Bitcoin for Billions" by Paco de la India, and Scalar School in Brazil.

The HRF, a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization committed to protecting human rights globally, continues to seek support for the Bitcoin Development Fund. Interested parties are encouraged to submit applications for future support.

As these projects move forward, the potential implications are significant. These initiatives could lead to increased financial autonomy, improved privacy, and enhanced access to Bitcoin, particularly in regions facing political and economic challenges. The HRF's continued investment in these areas underscores the growing recognition of Bitcoin as a tool for empowerment and change.


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