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Freddie New Takes on UK Bitcoin Regulation

Apr 12, 2024

Freddie New Takes on UK Bitcoin Regulation

Freddie New Takes on UK Bitcoin Regulation

Key Takeaways

The episode of What Bitcoin Did features a conversation with Freddie New, who returns to discuss his pivotal role in the UK's Bitcoin advocacy. The episode delves into various topics, including the complexities of Bitcoin regulation in the UK, the nuances of lobbying efforts, and the challenges faced by organizations seeking to influence policy.

Freddie discusses the establishment of Bitcoin Policy UK, inspired by the community's energy at the Edinburgh conference and the US-based BPI. The organization aims to ensure that everyone has the chance to save in and use secure, decentralized money that can't be debased by governments or central banks. Their policy goals revolve around protecting self-custody, ensuring easy fiat-to-Bitcoin transactions, and fostering a regulatory environment conducive to Bitcoin industry growth within the UK.

The conversation highlights the UK's missed opportunities to lead in Europe post-Brexit, the current state of banking restrictions on Bitcoin transactions, and the implications of categorizing Bitcoin as a restricted mass-market investment. Freddie also addresses the importance of educating politicians and the public on Bitcoin's multifaceted benefits, including its potential to revolutionize energy consumption and mining practices.

Best Quotes

  1. "We want everyone to have the chance to save in and to use a secure, decentralized money that can't be debased or manipulated by governments or central banks."
  2. "Protect self custody. That’s absolutely fundamental."
  3. "If you want to prevent people from purchasing Bitcoin, your regulation is completely ineffective... You cannot freeze a UTXO."
  4. "Governments should be afraid of their people. They represent us. They're there by our good graces.".
  5. "Every single piece of money apart from bitcoin and gold... is someone else's liability."


The podcast episode with Freddie provides an insightful and nuanced look into the ongoing efforts to advocate for Bitcoin-friendly policies in the UK. From the intricacies of regulation to the broader implications for financial autonomy and innovation, the conversation underscores the importance of education, lobbying, and public engagement in shaping the future of Bitcoin within the country. Freddie's organization, Bitcoin Policy UK, stands as a beacon of proactive change, working tirelessly to navigate the complex political landscape and ensure that Bitcoin's revolutionary potential is recognized and harnessed for the benefit of all citizens.


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