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Whistleblower Exposes Corrupt Big Food And Pharma Industries

Whistleblower Exposes Corrupt Big Food And Pharma Industries

Jan 14, 2024

Whistleblower Exposes Corrupt Big Food And Pharma Industries

Key Takeaways

In this unnerving episode of the Dr. Shawn Baker Podcast, Dr. Baker and his guest Calley Means delve into the troubling connection between food, pharmaceutical companies, and health in America. Means shares his personal and professional journey that led to his current mission: exposing the truth about the food and healthcare industries.

The episode begins with a poignant personal story from Calley about his mother, who was on multiple medications for conditions considered "normal rites of passage" for an American, like obesity and high blood pressure. This story sets the stage for a deeper examination of the American healthcare crisis, where a staggering percentage of the population is obese or overweight, and many adults suffer from pre-diabetes or diabetes.

Calley's background in politics and work with food and pharma companies revealed a disturbing synergy between these industries that perpetuates chronic diseases. He discusses how food companies aim to make food cheap and addictive, while the healthcare industry profits from the resulting chronic illness epidemic.

The discussion touches on various critical topics, including the influence of food companies on nutritional research, the biased dietary guidelines shaped by industry-funded experts, and the alarming push for medications like Ozempic as a standard of care for obesity, rather than promoting healthier eating habits. Calley also highlights the shocking extent to which food companies fund research that shapes public perception and policy.

Moreover, Calley discusses the broader societal impact of these issues, from the rising rates of infertility and mental health problems to the financial strain on the country's healthcare system. He calls for a reevaluation of incentives within the healthcare industry and advocates for a shift towards regenerative farming and incentivizing natural, wholesome foods.

Fiat Food with Dr. Ken Berry
Dr. Berry emphasizes the detrimental impacts of “fiat food” and the importance of returning to a diet rich in animal products to reverse chronic diseases and enhance mental clarity.

Best Quotes

  • "95% of dollars in the healthcare industry is managing food-based illnesses." - Calley Means
    Context: Calley highlights the overwhelming proportion of the healthcare industry's revenue that comes from managing chronic diseases, many of which are related to diet.
  • "Food companies are really trying to make food cheap and addictive... But the healthcare industry doesn't stand up to that." - Calley Means
    Context: Calley discusses the objectives of food companies and the failure of the healthcare industry to counteract the negative consequences of their practices.
  • "Every single nutrition study that you hear about on the news, I almost guarantee you there's money tied to that from processed food interests." - Calley Means
    Context: Calley argues that the nutrition research we hear about is often influenced by the financial interests of the processed food industry.
  • "We're really being lied to... How could a population get so sick so rapidly accidentally?" - Calley Means
    Context: Calley questions the narrative that the health crisis in America is a mere accident, suggesting that there is intentionality behind it.
  • "We're throwing addictive deadly substances into lower-income kids' hands... literally bankrupting the country." - Calley Means
    Context: Calley condemns policies that facilitate access to unhealthy, addictive foods, especially for lower-income children, and the long-term economic consequences of such policies.


This episode of the Dr. Shawn Baker Podcast serves as a wake-up call, challenging the status quo of the American food and healthcare industries. The personal stories and professional insights shared by Calley Means paint a dire picture of a system that prioritizes profit over health, with deep ties between food corporations, research funding, and healthcare recommendations. The conversation sheds light on the intricate web of incentives that underpin the chronic disease epidemic in America, calling for a radical transformation in how we approach food, health, and research. It's evident that change is necessary – not just for individual health, but for the sustainability of the nation as a whole. The episode leaves us with a sense of urgency to reexamine the role of food and pharmaceutical companies in public health and to strive for a future where natural, wholesome foods are accessible and promoted for the well-being of all citizens.


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