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Fiat Food with Dr. Ken Berry

Fiat Food with Dr. Ken Berry

Dec 28, 2023

Fiat Food with Dr. Ken Berry

Key Takeaways

The conversation with Dr. Ken Berry reveals a transformative journey from the standard dietary advice of processed foods and pharmaceutical reliance to a focus on ancestral nutrition for optimal health. Dr. Berry's personal experience of overcoming metabolic illness by adopting a meat-centric diet led him to advocate for a "proper human diet" to his patients and a global audience via his influential YouTube channel.

Dr. Berry emphasizes the detrimental impacts of "fiat food" and the importance of returning to a diet rich in animal products to reverse chronic diseases and enhance mental clarity. He challenges mainstream medical and nutritional advice, shedding light on the potential conflicts of interest between health authorities and the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The discussion delves into the significance of blood labs, distinguishing between valuable tests that can indicate metabolic health, such as fasting insulin levels, and those that he considers scams, like food sensitivity and microbiome testing. Dr. Berry also touches upon the potential of the carnivore diet to extend the vitality of individuals well into their later years, as demonstrated in his book "Kicking Ass After 50."

Best Quotes

  • "If you remove the slow poisons, which is fiat food, from your diet, and you reintroduce enough ancestrally appropriate foods to your diet, your body will start to heal, and you will slowly start to return to the baseline."
  • "There's no research on earth that shows that red meat causes colon cancer. There's no research whatsoever."
  • "Focus all of your money, all of your resources, all of your stamina, all of your self-control, all of your willpower, focus all of that on the 85% solution, which is your diet, what you eat and what you don't."
  • "85% of your medical problems are coming from the pseudo-food that you're eating...and the real, ancestrally appropriate foods that you're not eating."
  • "If there's one thing you can do to improve your performance, not only in the boardroom but also the bedroom, it's fix your diet."


In a society where chronic disease and metabolic disorders are rampant, Dr. Ken Berry's message is a clarion call to embrace a diet rooted in our evolutionary past. His advocacy for a meat-focused dietary regimen challenges the status quo and offers a pathway to reclaiming health and vitality. While his approach may be controversial, the principles he champions are grounded in the wisdom of centuries of human experience. As we confront the complexities of modern healthcare and nutrition, Dr. Berry's insights offer a simpler, more ancestrally aligned framework for making better food choices that could lead to a healthier, more robust life.


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