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$7.5 Billion Federal Investment Nets Just Seven EV Charging Stations Nationwide

$7.5 Billion Federal Investment Nets Just Seven EV Charging Stations Nationwide

May 13, 2024

$7.5 Billion Federal Investment Nets Just Seven EV Charging Stations Nationwide

Despite the allocation of $7.5 billion for EV charging infrastructure, with $5 billion earmarked for states, the rollout has resulted in only seven charging stations over two years.

The Washington Post highlighted that out of the total funding, only 38 parking spots for EV charging have been established across four states. This glaring failure has drawn criticism amid the Biden administration's push for a transition to electric and hybrid vehicles as part of new emissions rules.

According to the report, the slow rollout can be attributed to the high standards set for new EV chargers. These include a 97% operational reliability, a minimum power output of 150kW, and a requirement for chargers to be located within one mile of highways. These standards have contributed to delays due to the complexity of the rules, permitting challenges, and the significant power demands.

Lawmakers, including Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.), Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.), and Morgan Griffith (R-Va.), expressed their concerns about potential mismanagement of taxpayer funds in a letter to the Biden Administration. Additionally, Nick Nigro, founder of Atlas Public Policy, pointed out the inexperience of state transportation agencies in deploying EV charging stations, which may be contributing to the slow progress.

In a statement, the Federal Highway Administration acknowledged the challenges, stating, "We are building a national EV charging network from scratch, and we want to get it right."

A White House spokesperson added, "More Americans are buying EVs every day — with EV sales rising faster than traditional gas-powered cars — as the President’s Investing in America agenda makes EVs more affordable, helps Americans save money when driving, and makes EV charging accessible and convenient."

While twelve additional states have awarded contracts for charging station construction and seventeen states are yet to issue proposals, the current state of the EV charging network rollout remains a topic of scrutiny.

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