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El Salvador Launches Real-Time Bitcoin Treasury Tracking Website

El Salvador Launches Real-Time Bitcoin Treasury Tracking Website

May 13, 2024

El Salvador Launches Real-Time Bitcoin Treasury Tracking Website

El Salvador has launched a website that tracks its national Bitcoin treasury in real-time. The website, hosted at, went live yesterday, providing the public with an up-to-date view of the country's Bitcoin holdings.

The new platform showcases El Salvador's accumulation of over 5,748 BTC, valued at around $360 million. These holdings have been amassed through daily purchases, bulk buys, and Bitcoin mining utilizing geothermal energy.

"Launching this platform is a major step towards financial transparency in government operations," stated the Salvadoran government, highlighting the country's efforts in leveraging Bitcoin's inherent auditability.

The site validates previously released Bitcoin addresses by Bukele, which had allowed the public to monitor El Salvador's Bitcoin holdings. With the addition of the website, citizens and investors can now verify the nation's reserves.

Despite market volatility, El Salvador has reportedly seen an unrealized profit of $57 million due to strategic dollar cost averaging. The Bitcoin treasury tracker is expected to bolster confidence in the country's innovative Bitcoin strategy and attract further investment and innovation within the nation.

El Salvador's engagement with Bitcoin has been closely watched by the global community, setting an example for other countries considering similar strategies. The real-time data on the nation's BTC reserves shows that El Salvador has been actively expanding its holdings, adding seven BTC worth over $438,000 in the past week and a total of 31 BTC valued at $1.94 million over the past 30 days.

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