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The Study of Failed Nations (Bitcoin Fixes This) I TFTC EP. 521 Aleksandar Svetski

Jul 8, 2024

The Study of Failed Nations (Bitcoin Fixes This) I TFTC EP. 521 Aleksandar Svetski

The Study of Failed Nations (Bitcoin Fixes This) I TFTC EP. 521 Aleksandar Svetski

Key Takeaways

In this episode of TFTC, Aleksandar Svetski discusses the rise of a new socio-economic elite inspired by the virtues of past civilizations and characterized by a "barbarian-like" energy of hunger, creation, and conquest. This new era is described as sovereign, flexible, and nomadic, reminiscent of Germanic tribes, and potentially more powerful than the United States. The conversation emphasizes the transformation from passive complainers to proactive agents of change, highlighting Svetski's book "The Bushido of Bitcoin," which advocates for a heroic age embracing virtues like justice, courage, compassion, honor, and integrity. Bitcoin is discussed as a foundational element for a new economic and cultural standard, urging individuals to adopt a low time preference and invest in long-term beauty and excellence. The episode calls for mental and philosophical preparation for a significant economic and social shift anticipated by 2030.

Best Quotes

  1. "We're going to combine the thinking and civility from past civilizations with a new barbarian-like energy that is hungry to claim, to build, to create, to conquer."
  2. "We need to get on offense and get the fuck off defense. A lot of the book is my journey from being, you know, quote-unquote NPC bitcoiner to hopefully something more vital, alive and ascendant."
  3. "Justice is the skeleton... it's the framework upon which everything exists."
  4. "Virtues transcend everything because we'll have many, many beliefs... But virtues transcend these things because it doesn't matter which creed you're from or what belief you're from. Like, you recognize courage, you recognize honesty and integrity, you recognize self-control."
  5. "We have to go and claim space. You have to attack. You have to be on offense. You have to build territory. You have to produce, you create. This is a forward moving motion."
  6. "The printing of money is when the cancer emerges and then it starts to multiply and kills the system. But what caused the cancer is upstream, drinking fucking seed oils and Coca Cola and getting no sun and all of the bad shit that we know for health leads to the cancer."
  7. "Beauty is the ultimate low time preference. Like, to create something of true beauty takes time, dedication, passion, sacrifice, energy, effort."
  8. "We are now the barbarians... setting the foundations for going to the stars."



Svetski presents a compelling narrative of socio-economic transformation, emphasizing the revival of classical virtues combined with vigorous energy. He highlights personal growth and a prophetic vision where Bitcoin and its principles could catalyze a new era of civilization, valuing beauty, truth, and virtue. Svetski encourages listeners to prepare intellectually and morally, stressing the importance of action and building on past wisdom to create an ascendant future. By embodying these virtues, individuals can become leaders in reshaping society, contributing to a lasting legacy.


0:00 - Intro
1:16 - It’s time to do more than complain
8:46 - Core virtues
17:26 - River & Unchained
18:41 - Justice
24:14 - Unbalanced femininity
30:29 - Gradually, Then Suddenly & Zaprite
32:07 - Energetic leaders
39:03 - Courage
41:55 - A structure to last the hard times
50:04 - Responsibility
55:59 - Low time preference
1:02:01 - Beauty and truth
1:09:10 - Physically rebuilding America
1:16:26 - Forging alliances
1:20:34 - A new heroic age
1:25:28 - Satlantis
1:32:49 - Satlantis walkthrough
1:38:29 - Layered technology
1:44:05 - Wrapping up


(00:00) we are now The Barbarians we are we we've leared everything that came from those who came before us like the prior founding fathers of the US you know the mises of the world the spanglers of the world and all this sort of stuff we're extracting the the thinking and the Civility and the structure from them but we're coming up with a new [ __ ] energy that is Barbarian like that is that is hungry to claim to build to create to to conquer we're going to combine those two and funny enough a lot of us are either traveled or nomadic in
(00:30) some sense or we we are flexible we we have the ability to move if we need to or or at the very least our um probably the word is we are more Sovereign right which is what the Germanic tribes are so there's almost like an echo of that period and the the foundations that we establish today in a thousand years the the civilization that will come then will be in turn a thousand times or 100 thousand times more powerful than what the US is today which is in other words setting the foundations for going to the
(01:06) Stars this rip of tftc was brought to you by river it's the best place to buy Bitcoin go to tftc and enjoy this episode very timely conversation it's the day after the 4th of July here in the United States you've written another book The Bido of Bitcoin and we're here to talk about beauty truth and the internum the the weird time that we find ourselves what uh how's it been I mean I read the Prelude I read the chapter about beauty it seems like you've been on an intellectual Journey
(01:50) the last couple years writing this book and learning as you were writing it very much so man I um this the last time you and I actually did a rip was about I think a year and a bit ago and we were I mean actually maybe it was even the one before that I don't know like we've done a few but we spoke about the Bido Bitcoin back then and it was still it's like in its in its Proto stage I would say I was at like draft 2 what I sent you was from draft s uh I think or draft six or something like that so the books come a long way uh
(02:25) back when I first wrote it it was going to be more of a it was going to be more of a look at the the Japanese virtues during the samurai era and the um the the the virtues that Bitcoin has seemed to be uh living by and I was going to do some sort of parallel thing and it was going to be a short book like 25 30k words maybe 40K words but it's like blown up into it's longer than the Bitcoin standard I think the Bitcoin standard is about 100K this is about 125k so it's about a 25% longer and yeah man the writing the book has been a real
(03:00) jour you look at the difference between who I was when I started writing the book I'd gone through a little bit of a rough patch rough period I had to step down from my duties at Amber as a CEO couldn't be Financial Services uh coo anymore all this sort of stuff and then I obviously wrote the UNC Communist Manifesto and lockdowns and screeching and yelling at people and all this [ __ ] and then I started writing the book and I can it's funny I went through the book The Original draft or one of the early
(03:31) drafts a couple weeks back and I just saw the difference in the tonality back then it was like it was more about pointing out what was wrong with the world and the the book has shifted into acknowledging what's wrong but then calling for something greater which is the need for us as those who who will inherit the earth socioeconomically speaking to go and claim back we need to get on offense and get the [ __ ] off defense and you know a lot of the book is my journey from being you know quote unquote NPC bitcoiner to
(04:10) uh to hopefully something more vital alive and ascended so that's one of the strong messages of the book yeah I I feel like a lot of people are having this realization to shift from maybe some would deem complaining to action I'm curious to get your thoughts like I've had a very similar Journey I'm not sure if you've seen some of the stuff I've been saying on other podcast and on this show which is like all right we need white pills we need to stop posting and just complaining about everything but you're right like 2020
(04:47) 2021 2022 particularly just seeing everything that was going on globally with the lockdowns the money printing the forced injections it was almost impossible not to say holy crap what the hell are we doing right now and shaking with anger pointing at everything that was going on and then I don't know if it was just a battle of attrition and the um the people just got tired of complaining but I feel like the last year or two years maybe the price of Bitcoin going up has emboldened people um it's really shifted from like all
(05:24) right screaming and pointing at all this stuff is not solving the problem we need to go out and actually do something thing I I've felt that shift in energy and actually that was one of the big reasons why I wanted to jam with you again because you are one of the what I would consider one of the few bitcoiners who comes from that uh place of like no no no we're not going to cuck to this message and we don't just need to keep complaining and you know I've always respected your position particularly
(05:51) with um with the energy stuff like you know we did that energy Edition last year for the Bitcoin times and you and I resonate a lot on that it's we don't need to go and play to their narratives and all this sort of [ __ ] it's like no there's a this is the [ __ ] Paradigm this is the argument and you win by bringing them onto your territory which is a very it's a very offense oriented uh approach it's not a defense oriented approach you know trying to Plate your [ __ ] enemies and trying to uh justify
(06:21) yourself within their Paradigm comes from a place of weakness it's [ __ ] so to your point like there's been there's been a palpable shift and I can sense it it's not everywhere you know there's still all these stupid accounts like [ __ ] uh clown world and end wokeness and all this sort of [ __ ] who just sit there and like ridicule stuff and and there's almost like three stages right there's like the the the black pill SL red pill where everything's [ __ ] [ __ ] and you're just like
(06:48) pointing out everything that's wrong and you're complaining then there's like the maybe the Transcendent red pill like you know the the the pink pill whatever like the color changes a little bit and you're ridiculing everything and you know I think we went through that phase quite a bit last year which was everything was just a joke and I think in many ways that was necessary because we had to ridicule these idiots like I mean literally the the most powerful nation in the history of humanity the head of that is a [ __ ]
(07:19) guy who can't put a sentence together like it's it's it's literally a [ __ ] joke but there comes a time when we all need to put our big boy pants on and stop being like teenagers ridiculing stuff and actually become adults and go and claim the space back claim the territory back and actually do something about it and that that's a big part of the message of this book where you know there's like chapters in there which are called like a new heroic age like this this call to build rebuild a
(07:54) civilization uh in a in a way that is ascendant again instead of um instead of decaying and that's going to require work and effort it's not just oh yeah Bitcoin fixes this and you know sit sit you know like a bunch of the L Libertarians this is why like I've also stopped being a [ __ ] libertarian like it just doesn't work it doesn't make sense it's a it's a ideology of how can I put it like it's an ideology of retreat apathy and defense and you don't win anything through those modalities
(08:25) you have to go and claim space you have to attack you have to be on offense you have to build territory you have to produce you create this is a forward moving motion and um yeah I I have changed politically philosophically psychologically in many ways and uh the book is a is quite a reflection of that yeah so I guess let's jump into it because it seems like we're at a point in time again you describe it as this interregnum where the people who would like to affect change in the world sort of need to ReDiscover the
(09:00) virtuous framework from which to operate to bring about this type of change that we would like to see this ascendant change and so with that in mind how would you describe this framework what are the core virtues that people should really be honing in on and trying to sharpen and develop if they don't have them already yeah so so let me let me add some let let me add some context to this more broadly speaking so you've got civilization right and and civilization is the society we're in the Norms the cultures the people you know
(09:34) the religions the government and all this sort of stuff like intertwin in one now what helps or or what establishes the the civilization or a better way to say it perhaps is what is Upstream of civilization is culture but the thing that's Upstream of culture is virtue and a good way to think about virtue is like imagine the the word principles and behavior combined right so so virtue is how you live and the principles that you live by and when I was researching this book particularly as I moved into draft 2 3 4 I started
(10:11) off with a real focus on the Japanese Feud period and particularly the samurai which is the namesake of the book like bashid means way of the warrior and it refers to like a moral code or a code of virtue that the warrior class of Japan was basically expected to embody it wasn't like a constitution it wasn't written down in like some [ __ ] micromanage oh you know you you have a seven out of 10 on Justice and eight out of 10 on Courage wasn't like that it was a it was an expectation and these virtues were
(10:44) things that as I said the warrior class lived by and that people recognized so I started there but then I looked at the the feudal age of Europe and Christendom and the um and the medieval knights and you know the aoran Legends and all this sort of stuff and the chivalry as a concept and I found that the same kind of Virtues which were embodied by the Christian Knights were the were exactly the same as what the Japanese nightes had and then I looked at the Romans and the Greeks and the macedonians and you had this like massive overlap in the
(11:23) virtues particularly of the warrior class who were the class of people who did two things they inspired those below them because they were their Defenders and the classes above them the nobility the aristocracy the royalty because they were dependent on their protection so the warrior class is in my opinion the most important class in a civilization and they Inspire or they set the stage for the kind of Virtues that emanate the rest of society so I looked at all of these and lo and behold they overlapped and they
(11:56) came to produce the greatest civilizations on Earth and as those civilizations decayed what else did we notice a trading of those virtues of those behaviors with money with whether it was money printing or just the transformation of culture into more of a Trader culture or more of a merchant culture the elimination of the warrior class all this sort of stuff like things became soft and a softer a culture became a softer civilization became the more it tended towards uh Decay so so with that framing in mind I was interested in what
(12:31) these virtues are because as we move onto a new socioeconomic standard and you know I'll say the the the namesake of the book is bashid of Bitcoin but you know when you read the full book you'll notice that I don't talk about Bitcoin in there like I'm I'm not interested in like the history of money or the [ __ ] you know how Bitcoin works and the technicals like that's been done to death there's a million in one books about that [ __ ] what I'm interested in is assuming we move to a new socio
(13:00) economic standard which is likely going to happen the the current socioeconomic standard cannot last because it's misaligned with life right like you can't just [ __ ] print money ad INF an item uh you can't just keep behaving as if women are men men are women you know you can't just keep transgendering everything and you know black is white and white is black and Up Is Down you can't do that without something breaking at some point so so we're going to move onto a new socio economic standard and
(13:25) most likely that is going to be a Bitcoin standard because Bitcoin is so much more economically and socially powerful than anything else that uh stands so if we're going to move on that what are the virtues what are the ways we must behave in order to succeed on that standard because right now to succeed on a Fiat standard you need to be really good at lying at cheating at stealing at getting into politics at [ __ ] manipulating at being a weasel of being a parasite sucking stuff from the system right that's the that's the
(13:57) behavior that's rewarded on this broken standard whereas on a more sound standard where institutionalized lying stealing and cheating is made much harder we need to behave differently and a different set of Virtues a different set of characteristics will be demanded for people to rise up and I'm not saying demanded by decree I'm just saying demanded because that's what works on something more sound and something more functional and yeah the virtues that I selected were things like and I'll just
(14:27) read them out here really quickly so that people uh are aware so it starts off with Justice then courage then compassion honor integrity responsibility Excellence respect Duty and loyalty and finally restraint or self-control and the last the last thing I'll say on this sort of Virtues piece before we dig into some of these is um one of the really powerful things and and it didn't even hit me in the beginning but it hit me more toward towards the end is virtues transcend morality and they transcend beliefs they
(15:05) transcend all of these things because we'll have many many beliefs like there's Christianity there's Islam there's like you know Buddhism there's all these different religions and within religions there's like just I mean how many sects of Christianity is there how many sects of uh Islam is there all this sort of stuff like there's many variants but virtues transcend these things because it doesn't matter which creed you're from or what belief you're from like you recognize courage you
(15:32) recognize honesty and integrity you recognize self-control and you recognize that not just intellectually you recognize it in your blood you recognize it in your DNA like I I I remember the movie that shaped me as I was a young teenager was uh Braveheart with um with Mel Gibson and it's it's etched into my mind particularly the scene towards the end where he's asked to pledge allegiance to Edward the long Shanks and he refuses to and even you know on the rack his his guts are being cut out and they're like
(16:07) look the suffering will stop if you just but pledge allegiance kiss the robe and he yells freedom and his head is chopped off like that is courage that is [ __ ] Next Level Integrity responsibility Duty like all of these virtues and we feel that and that's why it moves us emotionally whereas like beliefs and everything have that same effect and people can have different ones but even enemies even people with differing beliefs recognize these virtues and virtues are also much harder to fake than morality because a virtue is a behavior whereas
(16:37) people like brow beat each other over [ __ ] I'm more moral than you are I'm more moral than you are it's [ __ ] [ __ ] like it's more theoretical whereas virtue is far more practical so with that all being said we can kind of dig into some of the virtues but that's sort of like a why I focused on that and why I believe virtue as a concept is so important and why it's going to be uh critical for us as the you know we're going to be the new socieconomic Elite whether it's bitcoiners or producers
(17:09) creators business owners or whatever like those who inherit the earth will have a duty will have a responsibility to make it better because the idiots that came before us certainly didn't make it better um and I think these are the virtues that will help us along that path this episode was presented by river river is the best most secure place to buy Bitcoin in the United States go to river.
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(18:59) decided not to enforce laws that have been around for for centuries simple laws which just don't steal or you'll go to jail now that has been completely ripped away from society for some reason or another you look at the Witch Hunt going on with Donald Trump and the tot trial that he's going through and it seems like something that is pivotal to ensuring a a society that that actually operates appropriately is Justice the defense of private property via the legal structure and the enforcement of
(19:39) that legal structure it seems to be completely eroding here in the United States and so a reemergence of justice is definitely one of the lwh hanging fruits that I can look out at the world and recognize as something that that desperately needs to be brought back to our society especially here in the United States it it really does stop that it's like the the there's a samurai or a feudal Japanese more accurately speaking uh quote and I'm going to butcher it here but it's it's sort of that Justice
(20:09) is the skeleton uh so so it's kind of like the the framework upon which everything um exists now what's interesting about these virtues and that I found is that there's almost like a a tension between them so like if you have like if you develop a society purely on just like raw Justice um you you can be too rigid right and there's you know there's this concept that we're familiar with particularly in the west which is this idea of letter of the law and spirit of the law you know Germans are funny this way like
(20:41) everything that they see is like letter of the law you know like you jwalk and then you go to jail right it's like [ __ ] relax bro there was no cars coming um but there's like compassion adds some flesh to the skeleton that is Justice and it's important to have uh a b balance of both and what's happened in um in Western Civilization is we've leaned so far into compassion and so far into these softer virtues which are necessary like you you must have compassion you can't just build a
(21:13) civilization without it but if you discard Justice if you discard responsibility if you discard all these other things for the sake of just uh elevating compassion which is what I'd say a lot of the uh the naive left does you so a lot of these people who are naive and and you know leftism compassion all this sort of stuff is far more feminine as well right compassion is a feminine uh it's it's a Yin it's and it's fundamentally the yin to Justice that's uh one of the chapters in in the book you start to feminize
(21:45) Society you start to weaken it you start to soften it it's kind of like a a mother who babies her son and he becomes basically a soy boy right like that that's essentially what's happened to civilization we've just babied everything and and I did a tweet the the other day actually cuz man I was so pissed off I was driving from so I'm in Spain at the moment I was driving from zag goza to Madrid which is literally straight shot Highway the whole way and there's no one on the [ __ ] road and
(22:11) when I'm driving like on a straight shot Highway High speeded you know I I don't stay particularly in the lane when there's big curves like I you know go through the lanes to to make the turn more efficient and faster right and the car is just like you know those um the senses of like crossing the lanes and like every time I'm crossing Lane the [ __ ] the the thing's steering and you know when I go to park like everything's beeping and like the cars have just been turned into these um these like nanny
(22:42) mobiles like that that are telling you everything you know no nobody knows how to reverse Park anymore without a camera for example it's [ __ ] insane so I wrote a tweet about I was like we've zifi and boomi civilization it's like a nanny State meets uh sorry it's like a nursing home meets a play pen you know there's there's no more adults anymore and anybody who has the capacity to be an adult who has the capacity to have responsibility to make a decision of their own Etc is basically forced into
(23:10) these humiliation rituals of stupidity right like you can't walk through an airport without basically getting undressed and naked and groped by some [ __ ] [ __ ] TSA agent right you can't like in in Europe like man it's it's atrocious like you can't go and join a gym without bringing your passport like I I went to join a gym the other day because I just wanted to trade for a week I was like look can I just buy a day pass and they're like no you need to bring your passport to verify identity
(23:35) I'm like what [ __ ] planet are we living on like so it drives you insane and that's a function of going so far to the left so far into the yin so far into the feminine so far into one particular uh dimension of existence and discarding all of the other ones which are fundamentally more masculine more rigid more sharp more hierarchical but necessary if you want to build a functional and um hierarchical and vital civilization so anyway I don't know what your comment was I've kind of gone off on a tangent there but I think that's
(24:10) just something that came to me that is really really important for us to Contin no on this line of the feminine versus the masculine to I actually saw I think somebody reposted uh a 4cham post on Twitter the other week and it was in the context of illegal immigration and the fact that it is has been allowed to basically escalate to an alarming rate here in the United States and the four champos was essentially like yeah this is very feminine and just went into like the hor historical context of war and um people conquering lands it's like the
(24:49) the women don't actually care because they don't get killed they eventually marry the conquerors while get killed so it's a very feminine um to your point like this over indexing towards the feminine trait of compassion has enabled something like egregious illegal immigration here in the United States and other parts of the West to really proliferate totally it's like come in with open arms we'll adopt everybody you know what I mean like oh you know and this is very actually uh biological
(25:23) because uh a man biologically seeks to plant his seed somewhere and he will optimize for that unless he's by definition a cuck right that's that's what the definition is I'm trying to insult anyone and men have traditionally like borders the concept of a border the concept of a demarcated territory the concept of protecting private property is masculine the concept of exclusion is masculine and a border is exclusive there is inside there is outside and compassion people people who index on compassion they want to be nice and they
(26:02) don't want borders they you know they want to be nice to everyone and all that sort of stuff and it and it's as I said for the you know there's these naive people that it comes from a good place but it's misguided and the ramifications of that misguiding are that like you Let the Wolves you know into the um into the into the pen right and that's not a good thing that's not a good thing and ultimately it's then up to you know men to clean it up now this is ultimately all men's fault anyway
(26:37) like you know I I I would even argue that it goes back to the French Revolution which was where the original uh element of feminization came is that Louis the 16th as the father of the then most powerful Empire and state in the world uh was feminine he was a [ __ ] uh if Louis the 14th existed when Louis the 16th was around there would not have been a French Revolution there would not have been communism there would not have been leftism there would not have been World War One World War II all the other [ __ ] that came after it but because the
(27:10) little father who the king in France was known as was literally decapitated for being a weak man and he was decapitated thanks to and we can get into all sorts of conspiracy theories but like the the Traer class I won't name who um came in they usurped the nobility with a fake new aristocratic Rich class that wanted to then uh weaponize the populace by training the intellectuals the original left so the Jacobin were the first leftists and they're the ones who basically inspired Marx and communism later on they took over France destroyed
(27:51) it figuratively and metaphorically chopped the head off the father they that was when divorce was first legalized that was when women were weaponized to uh get men uh who were otherwise not part of the warrior class to conscript and join the Army become soldiers not Warriors there's a big distinction there a warrior is there by choice Soldier is told what to do a warrior is a Defender and a leader a soldier is a follower so there there's a big difference between these two they're often the same but there's a there's a
(28:24) fundamental energetic difference but all of this stuff happened with this inversion of of the a functional patriarchy early on and I don't say this in any way to like blame women it's it's actually men's fault for being too weak to hang on to the duty and the responsibility of leadership and of maintaining the structure of civilization and slowly by slowly that's where we got today like one of the big realizations that I got from reading the book you know we always say as Bitcoin is Bitcoin will fix this
(28:55) the money is the root problem I realized that money is actually not the root problem money the the printing of the money is an accelerant and it's almost like that's when the when the um when the tumor becomes uh malignant that's when the cancer like the the point of money printing is when the cancer emerges and then it starts to multiply and it kills the system but what caused the cancer is Upstream drinking [ __ ] seed oils and cocaa and getting no sun and all of the bad [ __ ] that we know for
(29:25) health leads to the cancer so if you look at um the West we didn't just like randomly start printing money one day we went like a strong powerful vital uh civilization and you know one morning we'll woke up like you know [ __ ] it let's just print some money like that's not how it happens like the Decay sets in earlier and there's things that happen Upstream which Slowly by slowly devolve into that and you know maybe maybe in many ways as a Counterpoint like we had to go through this as the
(29:54) West we had to become affluent and in becoming affluent we became more kind and becoming more kind we became more egalitarian becoming more egalitarian we became more accepting and more compassionate all this sort of stuff and slowly by slowly like instead of maintaining some link to this sort of exclusion component we you know opened everything too wide and you know now we're suffering the consequences of that and we're going to have to unwind some of this stuff but you know it's happening I can
(30:27) I can see I can see a change in energy quick break here freaks this rip is brought to you by gradually then suddenly a framework for understanding Bitcoin is money by Parker LS I wrote the forward to the book I'm honored to have done so because it's the best 0o to1 primer if you're looking for a logical explanation of why Bitcoin obsoletes all other money buy one for yourself and maybe a few for your friends go to the safeh house.
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(31:52) is now freaks the Fiat system is fragile invest in the infrastructure that dris the future invest in yourself Bitcoin payments with zap go to tftc to get $40 off their annual subscription tftc $40 off it's hard because that that over index towards compassion it confuses the masculine side of things too because they're bow browbeaten um if they try to put forth an alternative view that is against illegal immigration that is against stealing that is against um trying to convince the world that there's more
(32:30) than two genders and that you can transition from one to the other um in this late stage Fiat at the beginning of this interregnum it seems that uh the brow beting is really held back those of us who would like to um sort of push forth a masculine view of the world and a retaking of the virtues that could lead to a high functioning an ascendant Society um but with that being said like again like is that why you believe we're officially in the internum because it does seem like cancel culture has a diminishing marginal return uh these
(33:13) days where people don't care if you call them racist sexist uh homophobic whatever it may be because it's become glaringly obvious that those are nothing more than toothless tropes that are used to silence people instead actually get to the core of an intellectual argument totally I mean all of these things like the more you use something the more uh the person you're using it against recognizes it right so so these idiots think that they can just use the same narrative again and again and again
(33:43) and again and that everyone's going to uh keep falling for it but to your point like are we in the internum and we very much are like I don't know if this is a like there's probably internum within the internum right like these fractals exist uh all the way up and you know we're at a point where uh public discourse is changing but we're also at a you know in the middle of a economic internum which is the the the time between like when Bitcoin was announced in 2008 you know pre- Bitcoin was the
(34:15) pure Fiat era um once Bitcoin came out we are now in the interregnum era which is Bitcoin and Fiat Bitcoin is ascending Fiat is descending and at some point Fiat will completely die and Bitcoin will take over now I don't know if that's 50 years 100 years 200 years whatever it's going to take quite a bit of time in my opinion because I don't think culture and civilization just like switches that quickly I think this is probably a big blind spot with bitcoiners you know we often uh get caught with our pants down because we uh
(34:47) over project what can happen in a particular period of time and you know and that's a that's a large function of you know bitcoin's volatility and you know everyone like you get a bit of a pump and like you know we're all partying thinking going take over the [ __ ] world and then you get a bit of a dump and then all of a sudden everyone's like in justification mode like oh you know it's okay huddle you it's um it's all a little bit funny but to your point with the uh with the internum the the there's a shift in
(35:18) the energy and it's a very very good shift and and I think a real highlight with that shift was actually melee winning at the end of last year right he he is the right energy right he and I did a I did an article about that last year which was basically mle is like the energy of trump and the uh economic literacy of Ron Paul you know you kind of mix those two together and you get Dynamite right like he's got passion he's got energy and more more than his economic literacy that passion and energy is what tapped into the youth and
(35:53) What attracted people to him you know people are like oh yeah well you know they voted him in because of his policies I was like nobody voted [ __ ] in for [ __ ] policies they voted him because of the the Affinity they sense with him they were sick and tired of this kind of you know the these sleazy scumbag [ __ ] politicians and in many ways that's what attracts people to Trump like I always find it funny how bitcoiners forget that Trump was a entrepreneur first like to be an entrepreneur and to be a successful one
(36:21) you need to be a people person you need to have your finger on the pulse you need to you need to have a sense of a of of a trend or of an idea of of of the the people you're involved with and Trump has a hugely uncanny ability to put his finger on uh the right energy at the right time and I mean you know sure he's 75 whatever years old he is 76 but the guy's got honestly more energy than most people half his age he's just got a Swagger about him and in fact I I would argue that there's probably no person in
(36:51) the world where you could just see the silhouette of the person and you know who it is I don't think a person like that exists so so he comes with a lot of benefits sure you know he might be economically literate in some capacity here and there and whatever some of his policies or whatever but you know people who sort of ridicule that it's like okay bro go and do better [ __ ] like don't be you know you're the you're you're the person in the stadium pointing and Laing when if you know so good and you know so
(37:19) much go and do it yourself make it better so there are these leaders emerging and to sort of tie back to mades he was a real um a real shifting point because he just energized a big part of the world and he almost United people who like he he United both sides of the um the bell curve right so the midwit [ __ ] hate melee the the people on the left side of the bell curve the low IQ and the super high IQ he met both of them he met the low IQ because of his energy and because of the the magnetism and he met the high
(37:56) IQ because he could back it up with the logic and the reason and then all the midwit losers I and I [ __ ] love the midwit meme it's it's the greatest meme ever ever created like it's just so uh REM representative of civilizations like all the midwit all the losers all the leftists all the the people who are just like total mids they hate him they hate Trump they hate B they hate all that sort of stuff and uh I I'm enjoying this change I like I enjoy laughing at those people because they are now
(38:29) fundamentally losing and you know there's a there's a great saying it's like you you you scratch a leftist uh and underneath you find a um a violent Bolshevik who wants to kill everybody and that's essentially what these people are like they their backs against the wall and now they're behaving like the rats that they are which is vicious you know little turds because now that nobody's interested in their [ __ ] anymore um they're gonna kick scream and [ __ ] and do everything that they can to like
(38:58) tear everything down but ultimately they lose [ __ ] them yeah no and this gets into one of the core virtues which is courage it seems like there are many people rediscovering their courage again it's like you can call me whatever you want I think it's proving not to be effective anymore and I think Malay a great example of igniting that courage in the Argentine people I mean because if you think about what did from an economic policy perspective like it was a massive shift from the status quo of the last
(39:35) 100 years in Argentina that took a lot of Courage yeah took a lot of Courage took a lot of uh I mean a sense of justice it's like okay well this is what we're going to do because it's the right thing not because it feels nice because it's not going to feel nice like these economic reforms are going to hurt people in the short term but he had the courage to go through it and he had the magnetism to H you know to get people to trust him along the way and that's a really difficult trait right
(40:06) like because most people are not going to sit down and read uh misus to understand you know where m is coming from it's just not going to happen um but if his character is magnetic enough people will go with it and trust it and it's actually interesting the um in many ways the left was better at doing that over the last couple of decades they had more charismatic quote unquote leaders or politicians and they actually were able to pull people towards them because on the right what did you have [ __ ] George Bush you
(40:46) know I mean sure he was funny you know relatively charismatic but he was [ __ ] right and you know you had that with a number of um these uh you know these prior politicians so so so the left beat the right in terms of that Charisma that magnetism that energy like Obama as much as I hate the guy like he was brilliant orator and he and he had this the way he carried himself and his uh and his the way he presented himself was very polished uh and it and it and it came with a level of magnetism but now our side the ascendant
(41:20) side the alive side the vital side the strong side is um is getting that with B with with Trump and there's obviously other examples rising up now in Europe Etc and this is a good thing this is all a good thing and you know this is part of our uh journey through as you said that internum and rediscovering the the virtues that matter and hopefully embodying them ourselves yeah and I guess something to bring up that we should definitely touch on is like how do you once rediscovered and implemented and the fires lit in everybody's belly to have
(42:06) the courage to go out and um pursue Justice and all these virtues that you write about in the book how do we preserve that and does a tool like Bitcoin create the um the possibility to preserve it because in a world that runs on a Bitcoin stand I think you mentioned it um in the chapter on beauty like competence meritocracy is rewarded and there's no way around it um just due to the way that the monetary system works yeah so this this is something I grappled with for almost like 50 pages in the book there's a section um so section three of
(42:49) the book is called integration so after I do the virtues and just for people who are interested like the virtues aren't just me describing what the are like I go into Theology of the virtues and not just the single English etmy I go into the Latin the Greek the Proto induran I going to the Japanese and Chinese atmology and it's absolutely [ __ ] fascinating we spoke about overlaps earlier of Virtues the overlap of like the very makeup of these words like in Japan like you literally have pictograms and what the pictograms
(43:21) mean is the same thing as what in the west the the roots of the word mean whether it's it's Excellence whether it's responsibility whether it's compassion whether it's courage all these things they mean the same thing it's [ __ ] mind-blowing so after I go through the um The Virtue section I go through this discussion about uh integration and I basically open up that chapter to say how how do we integrate these virtues into our modern society and even more importantly into a future post postmodern Society is it even
(43:54) possible in the current Paradigm or does there need to be a wholesale shift away from where we are do we have to build something entirely new and if so what are the challenges we will face along the way and then the section specifically it explores four areas it explores culture governance wealth and cycles and this last part is where I'll sort of try and answer your question which is seasons and Cycles are unavoidable uh and this is something like I had to soberly come to and and in fact a lot of us bitcoiners
(44:30) we kind of get this uh maybe because of the Bitcoin Cycles or because we you know many of us are sort of Austrian economists or Austrian literate and we understand that things EB and flow and in fact the central planers are quite often the idiots who think that they can somehow uh skip Cycles right so there's like a business cycle you overextend yourself too much as a business oh here's a solution let's print more money and let's prop up the fake businesses like no you [ __ ] idiot you're
(44:58) supposed to shrink if you've overextended so that there needs to be these sort of ups and downs these are natural so if that's the case like if Cycles are going to exist from literally down to the the way the electrons orbit around an atom up through to how our cells you know go through a cycle and they they they you know grow they live they die through to how we as human beings have a cycle of life through to the seasons through to the orbit of the planet and everything everything seems to have a cycle if Cycles are always
(45:28) going to exist the question is not how do we avoid the cycle or how do we um try and create a structure that you know ignores the cycle you can't transcend it you can't avoid it question becomes more of how do we create a structure that can withstand the winter when the inevitable winter comes so there's like this sort of forth turning is idea of generations right it's there's going to be periods of time where the generation that takes hold is going to be just far more entitled Brady um materialistically wealthy and and
(46:08) there's a section in the book where I talk about like does wealth corrupt and particularly material wealth does that create softness in society and do winning civilizations always basically score an own goal by becoming extremely materially wealthy and becoming more egalitarian and then end up [ __ ] themselves over like is that something we can avoid or not and I won't give the answer now but but like there's a there's a 50 page discussion in the book as I mentioned but specifically if we know that the winter is coming and if we
(46:35) know that there's going to be people you know in charge of the house uh during the winter we should try to build a structure for the house that is harder to burn down so let let me give you a an analogy and a and a way to think about this think of a house house representing the civilization and it's built purely of wood and you know you've got these Generations that have built up the house because they know that every time there's a winter a bunch of people die so in order to protect ourselves we need
(47:07) to build this beautiful house to keep ourselves warm and it's got a fireplace now let's assume that there comes a time when a generation is like you know they're beneficiaries of this house and they're too lazy because they they have a bunch of firewood there and they're like you know what who's going to chop more firewood I'll just kick back relax and we'll just keep burning all the firewood and it doesn't matter and then all of a sudden they run out of firewood and they're like well [ __ ] where are we
(47:31) going to get the firewood from it's winter outside um no one wants to go outside and chop the wood so they start like dismantling the house and putting it in the in the fireplace so they can keep themselves warm because they don't give a [ __ ] about what generation comes after all they care about is staying warm now and you could almost imagine the boomers are basically this generation let's just you know let's just chew up the capital that we have the house and burn it and then what happens is the next Generation comes in
(47:56) they freeze to death and we're all [ __ ] right or you know a bunch of people die Etc so that's kind of like the weak men stage so my hope and this is the analogy I use in the um in the book I there's a section called dampening the Cycles which is can we limit the magnitude of damage that will happen when the winter Comes Around by creating a structure that is more steel like it's steel with wood with glass with stone with brick with everything so that when the monkeys inevitably are running the show they
(48:32) can't burn everything down and that is what I think is um the biggest potential benefit of Bitcoin is not that we're going to avoid the Cycles the Cycles are always going to be there we'll always have a new era of weak men creating bad times and we're going to have different problems at a different scale to deal with um but hopefully on a strong economic standard the amplitude of that damage won't be as great because the capacity to print money won't exist because the the printing of the money is really the
(49:06) thing that happens at the tail end of a Decay right we if if we had Bitcoin uh around the time of the French Revolution perhaps there would have been a time when the Jacobin came in perhaps maybe communism might have just started but it would have been in my opinion nibbed in the butt because the the economic catastrophe would have been so great that uh those like in the absence of being able to print money they would have uh basically met with reality sooner than where we are now so that's my theory time is
(49:38) obviously going to tell uh I think our intuition on this is probably correct that Bitcoin is going to help a lot but I also make it very clear that bitcoin's a means to an end it's it's a framework for beauty and Excellence but what we do with that framework is as important or perhaps even more important than just having the framework so I'll stop there for a minute and see if you want to dig into anything yeah let's definitely dig into this further because again I think it's safe to say that the framework exists
(50:14) Bitcoin exists it's running it's operating more people are adopting it year in and year out the prices reflecting that as adoption continues and I think one thing you're trying to get across in the book is that during this period there's massive opportunity for people to take advantage of this shift and if you put in the time to understand the virtues and more importantly um actually live them via action don't just talk about them and lar about them actually live as close to the virtues as you possibly can um and
(50:54) by doing so during this inter there's massive opportunity that you could take advantage of and really um elevate your economic status and the status of hopefully your your family for generations to come yeah this is going to be the greatest uh economic shift in human history arguably speaking like and and in the shortest time right and it's it's going to be like I I would also say the ingum is just going to be super messy there's going to be people who take advantage for good reasons and who take advantage for bad reasons right
(51:28) like during this period there's going to be people who just like we're we're coming from an age of pure uh responsibility Outsourcing right no one's responsible for [ __ ] anymore like the you know the bank's responsible for their money the government's responsible for their health and their [ __ ] workplace and their and their I don't know the what they learn about in school and what they learn about from the TV and all this sort of stuff is like everything's been outsourced so we're
(51:56) going to move into an age where you know Bitcoin demands radical responsibility and there's like one of the I believe the strongest chapters in the book is the is the section on responsibility and some of the um headings there are things like the absence of responsibility and what that meant then I've got a chapter which is uh you know quite troll it's called agency and NPCs and I say in there responsibility and the ability to respond are both liveness tests the difference between a living being with
(52:27) agency and an NPC is simply the virtue of responsibility it differentiates the living from the zombies right so talk about that I then talk about the psychology of responsibility and this is very interesting when I I pull in stuff from Alfred Adler who's quite unknown in modern psychology but his psychology basically is the psychology of responsibility and it negates all of this like teolog logical [ __ ] about oh you know I'm depressed and I'm this and I need a pill I need therapy and you know the sort of the feminist and fny
(52:58) Alfred Adler is the only major VI Austrian psychologist who is forgotten he's almost like the he's like the misus of the psychology place and I think people are going to love that chapter specifically then I've got like energy of responsibility freedom is not a virtue it's one of my favorite chapters in there and then rights and responsibilities but specifically like as we move uh through this internum there's going to be people who take on all the duties and the responsibilities of being great of being vital of being
(53:30) virtuous and there's going to be people who uh take advantage of the people going through the transition who are not familiar with responsibility and we're going to see scams we're going to see stealing we're going to see cyber crimes we're going to see [ __ ] coiner we're going to see all sorts of absolute mindless stupidity like I was reading the other uh two days ago I got an email like I'm signed up to this like Trends and like this marketer was explaining how there's this new
(53:58) trend of divorce parties like literally people celebrating their divorce it's like what the [ __ ] is going on and he was trying to frame it as it's good like it's it's very good for mental health um because people are um uh people are dealing with their divorce in a in a more healthy way I was like [ __ ] am I reading here like this is the most insane crap on the planet but this is the kind of stupidity that's going to continue to happen so um it's going to be incumbent on us as we're
(54:34) going through this interregnum to really keep an eye on who were the people who acted appropriately during the internum because like you know you see uh L and I were doing a podcast the other day and he brought up how I think it's who's that guy Lance Armstrong he's now doing like a salana coin and like why would you do that to your reputation like first of all it's just so stupid but they're the people we need to watch out for because in the future they are 100% going to turn around and
(55:09) be like I never did that no you know I you know the the classic every time the shitcoin cycle ends and Bitcoin starts to pump you know you get all these idiots come out of the woodwork and be like oh I was always Bitcoin first it's like no you weren't [ __ ] you were just like sitting there [ __ ] coining so we need to be vigilant keep an eye on those because it's it's going to be up to us to exclude them from positions of influence later because you don't want that kind of character seeping into
(55:35) civilization once more um because that's the exact kind of character who lets the barbarians through the gates right like they will sell their reputation they will sell their honor for coin they they are the Judas of civilization I think we need to be really careful of them but yeah anyway that's uh that's my comments on trading no that's um I mean we've seen it time and time again especially in the world of shitcoins where people are willing to burn their reputation and something I mean it's part of our pitch at 10:31 too
(56:12) which is going raising money from LPS who are looking at all these crypto funds making insane returns because they're getting allocations to prees and then dumping on retail it's something we have to address when talking to people who are thinking about allocating to our fund and that's sort of our pitch is name our funds low time preference funds for a reason and yes you may be able to get quick gains in the world of crypto however it comes at a high cost which is your reputation and even though you can get quick gains
(56:50) in returns in the world of crypto we still believe that long term if you lower your time preference and really hone in on the generational businesses that are being built because they're building infrastructure around Bitcoin and going to increase the utility and the accessibility of the network for um a world that is yet to completely adopt it like that is um it's like the marshmallow test it's like yeah you can have two marshmallows now in the world of crypto but you're going to get a tummy ache and um people aren't going to
(57:21) want to do business with you in a decade from now um absolutely and and even beyond that it's like which which side of History do you want to be on do you want to be remembered as the the decade who just like helped accelerate the decline and just like extracted or do you want to be a part of the uh the people who helped construct a new foundation and framework that is sound and that is going to be around for the next thousand years like it's a it's it's a question of Legacy which is you know an extension of reputation
(57:55) obviously um yeah I love that and that's why like I've got huge respect for what you guys are doing you know at the fund and the other Bitcoin funds it's like it's not easy I and I appreciate that probably more than most because when I was building Amber in Australia back in the day like we were the first Bitcoin only DCA app in the world and we were raising money in 2017 during the peak of the Ico period And every investor that I spoke to just laughed at me they're like why aren't you doing a coin like cuz we
(58:26) don't need one like why would I do a coin yeah but you can make free money I was like yeah but I'd be riing people off I was like we don't need a [ __ ] coin and then they're like well are you going to have ethereum and dash in there like so you can trade I was like no it's a [ __ ] savings app I want people to acquire Bitcoin and I just got laughed at for a whole year before I could raise any money and um and it turned out to be the right thing to do like after us then the the whole Bitcoin only industry
(58:53) started to to flourish and you know I think the the same thing's actually going to happen now in the nosta space right like people are laughing at nosta they're like oh yeah it's a bunch of nerds and you know doing weird [ __ ] you know pretending to build rebuild Twitter but what they don't realize is like Noster is the it's the identity layer for the internet and it's it's even more than identity layer it's like a it's the the the social layer of the internet because the the the design of Noster is
(59:23) such that you can append metadata to an identity and literally build a social graph so you can like take what now exists in application at the application Level which is identity and the social graph you can push that down to the protocol level and you can build entirely new applications where the creators the content uh people like the the audience actually owns not not just their data because I don't give a [ __ ] about owning data like they own their identity and they own their social graph that's super super
(59:54) super super important and and you know there's there's something there that is really intertwined with uh with reputation like Noster is going to be a place where your digital self your digital identity starts to build uh reputation and it reminds me actually of another section uh in the book which is called practice so after I go through the integration section of the book part four is practice and it looks at things like rights of Passage and training and the manner bond which you know means uh in German an alliance of men it looks at
(1:00:30) uh how to settle disputes I've even got like a section in there about jeweling um but then most importantly there's a there's a section called the bitcoiners Arsenal and I go through the weapons of the bitcoiners so things like your keys you know in Bitcoin your keys are the centerpiece they're similar to The Sword of the Samurai how you forge in other words derive store and treat these key determines whether or not the Bitcoin will remain in your custody so then I talk about no Mining and validating then I look at
(1:00:58) Bitcoin adjacent protocols where I go into n identity and reputation privacy then words spoken or written like if you want to if you you must have something to say and then know how to say it which is you know Jordan Peter esque thing then building physical networks uh the art of the ritual movement self-defense programming and digital product skills entrepreneurship so like I cover all of these things that we need to develop uh as I guess custodians of the next era of humanity like it's not just enough to you know
(1:01:33) smash by on your favorite uh you know Bitcoin DCA app like there's there's many other things that you need to do like you know if your life revolves around trolling people on Twitter and buying some Bitcoin and laughing about how virtuous you are you're a [ __ ] idiot like there's there's hundred other things that you need to do uh in order to become a man or a woman of value and that's a you the there's a big section in the book about that yeah and again going back to his low time
(1:02:03) preference and the fact that it's hard because you see people laughing at you people discarding you and it could lead to a level of discouragement that maybe pushes you away from striving for the The Virtuous goal of of doing the right thing consistently over time but I think particularly in the The Beauty chapter you highlight like this is how Beauty actually emerges is by objectively seeking the truth and staying on the path of Truth and you'll find if you do that consistently throughout time you'll
(1:02:40) wake up with a beautiful Legacy and if you're building in the physical world or the digital world you you'll find that the products the fruits of your labor manifesting in the physical or digital world are are beautiful in of themselves because that beauty is aut in everything that you do because you're seeking truth and objectivity yeah beauty beauty is a is a big topic that I've gone down the rabbit hole in the in the exploration of this book and and you nailed it there with your description like there's a I gave a
(1:03:12) talk in BTC prag called Beauty will save the world and it and it you know as usual it triggered a bunch of people but my whole point of it was that like Beauty takes time and beauty is not subjective like and and a lot of bitcoiners make this mistake because they they correctly realize that material value is subjective and that's true and that's like you can almost think of it as like the base of the mountain like that's the foundation and understanding that all material value is subjective is extremely
(1:03:45) important for a society because that's like that's 101 economic literacy but Beauty and Truth they transcend the material they they are higher they they reach for something else so like I think I've got a section in the book where I say you know if the highest good um was the peak of a mountain the two slopes that lead up to it are Beauty and truth and beauty is specifically like it's it's both simultaneously objective and subjective and I'm I'm not sure there's anything else with this kind of uh paradoxical
(1:04:21) quality right like may maybe the divine right or or truth I would argue those sort of three are in the same thing but you know Beauty's paradoxical nature extends it's like it's both Everlasting and fleeting it's both like you know Everlasting in terms of a galaxy and fleeting in terms of a snowflake right it's both powerful and fragile like think of a volcano and think of a flower right it's dangerous and nurturing you think of a a male lion like attacking uh a gazelle versus the female line
(1:04:51) nurturing her Cubs right like beauty is found both in War and Peace it's found in conflict and cooperation it's found in violence and love and there's a beautiful quote from Wolf Gang Von goas who says music is liquid architecture architecture is uh Frozen music so it's like beauty is like a really profound deep topic and I think people can get this chapter for free if they go to bashof bitcoin.
(1:05:19) com and just download the free chapters but yeah like ultimately to to construct or to build or to create anything of beauty takes time and that's like whether it's your like a a beautiful body like you need to go to the gym you need to build it you need to construct it whether it's a child like you like the process of just the nine months the woman carries the child and then the process of raising it like literally 20 years of a quarter or a fifth of your life depending on how long you live as a parent goes into bringing this child in whether it's the
(1:05:58) cathedral that takes 300 years to build like we were in Barcelona the other week and looking at the sagada Familia the the beautiful cathedral there and that's like 200 years in like it's or 150 years in whatever it is it's phenomenal but the attention to detail is next level like so Beauty fundamentally takes time whereas ugliness which is the the visceral opposite of beauty like you recognize Beauty when you see beauty you know it like I don't have to tell like a sunset is beautiful like you're drawn to it
(1:06:28) you're attracted to it because it is it is in line with life there's something Transcendent about it and in fact like you know you look at the fractals that make up the universe whether it's numbers whether it's like sacred geometry whether it's like the the pi and the golden ratio all this sort of stuff like it's there stuff There's Something About Beauty like musical octaves something about beauty that is transcendent and you recognize and as I said ugliness you also recognize and ugliness is the thing that
(1:07:02) just takes a second like whether you chop your dick off for transgender surgery like or you bomb a city and turn it into Rubble like these things are ugly and we we inherently recognize the two so so anyway coming back to time preference it's beauty is the ultimate in Low Time preference like to create something of true beauty takes time takes dedication takes passion takes sacrifice takes energy takes effort it takes all of these things and with a bit of luck if we move on to a Bitcoin standard and people's time
(1:07:42) preference starts to shift there's a strong argument to be made there for the development of a more beautiful world but we just have to as human beings as bitcoiners As Leaders as all of these things we have to recognize that beauty is fundamentally more uh it's subjective and objective it's simultaneously both of these things and we have to you know I think a lot of bitcoiners forget this um or they gloss over it or they as I said earlier they they get caught in the Paradigm of everything is subjective uh
(1:08:14) including uh the non-material which is fundamentally wrong um we have to understand that that's the case and like the you know the the benefactors the people who built the beautiful medieval and Renaissance cities of Italy for example that still 3 4 500 years later attract people to them who were they they were the rich powerful benefactors the michis the the families that produced wealth that believed in greatness that funded the D Vines the Michelangelo the donatellos and all of these people to to produce
(1:08:56) beautiful things and I think we're going to come back into that time and we just have to change our psychology as the next leaders of civilization to go and produce beautiful things yeah and that um that's going to be hard it's going to be a journey right because people have become so dependent on the government to build a lot of the public goods if you will the architecture the roads whatever it may be they they liter have been sced into believing that the government needs to do all these things and that's one
(1:09:31) thing I'm very happy to have tur deer in Austin and um his Focus him and Kelly Lannon Al lacrosse others Michael Goldstein focusing on urbanism and how bitcoiners can can bring back good urbanism to the World by deploying the capital they accumulate once Bitcoin hits a certain price but we're literally going to have to ReDiscover how you actually identify an artist fund him and just say hey go build something beautiful uh rip out the zoning and permitting laws that exist that make it almost impossible to do some of these
(1:10:07) things from a legal perspective right now like there's we're going to have to again I think part of the internum and correct me if I'm wrong is like a rediscovery of these things that have been lost because people have been led into an apathetic and complacent State yeah we need to learn how to walk again man you know we've sort of been just like this disabled dude in a coma and now we're got to get up and we got to do our Physiotherapy and we got to find it cuz it's in us it's in our blood like
(1:10:34) our ancestors did it like we didn't we didn't just like pop up out of nowhere like we're part of a long lineage of people who have done this and we can do it as well agreed I definitely think we can and I think we're already in the process of doing I'm not sure if you saw tur's presentation at the Bitcoin urbanism meet up from earlier this year but he already has like an actionable um road map to to how we can actually do this that's actually one thing we've been joking about but now
(1:11:07) I'm trying to think more seriously about it is like something as simple as like a a brick Factory here in the United States like there's not enough brick factories to produce the bricks that would be needed to bring back beautiful architecture to American cities and it's like turn I've been joking about but like maybe it turns into something more serious where it's like should we actually like fund a brick Factory to to supply these contractors that are building this type of architecture dude
(1:11:38) this this touches on a on an old topic that I used to talk to people about which is the move away from bits to Adams right and I think um Peter teal spoke about this a while back is that because the world's been so demented and so financialized like we've moved we we've like deformed all the way into bits like everything is about bits like build the next [ __ ] Financial app or trading app or gambling app or dickpic app or [ __ ] social media app or banking app or whatever like everything is like digital
(1:12:10) digital digital digital digital VR VR VR VR VR like AI it's all 99% useless and you know there is some usefulness in there but it's all like hot air right whereas if we get on a stronger uh economic system and something with lower time preference I think the desire to build in the space in the in the plane of atams is going to come back again to engineer there because you know we're still flying in [ __ ] Jets and airplanes and everything that are 50 years old like we've made no progress there um you know buildings are not
(1:12:45) getting more beautiful they're getting more ugly in many ways um you know there's obviously exceptions like and you know everything that we say here on this podcast is not like a you know a blanket rule like there is always Exceptions there always bright spots and it's those bright spots that we need to lean into but to your point about like funding a a a brick Factory dude these are all the things like at some point the Delta of the Bitcoin gain is going to diminish right like when bitcoin's a million to move to 2 million
(1:13:14) is going to take a little bit of time right and that's only 100% move like but from 100 Grand to a million that's a th% move so that's where all the gains are going to be made but once we get to a position where we're you know again more economically uh influential which is the whole [ __ ] purpose of this book the whole purpose of this book to get people in the right psychology to go and make the bets that you just mentioned to build the big brick Factory to fund the artist to to go and you know build the
(1:13:44) statues to to build the businesses that are bricks and mortar to build the new jet airline to do all this sort of stuff like that's how it's all going to happen um and in many ways this is why obviously bit is such a such a significant uh shelling point for this Evolution it's not even a revolution like this evolution of uh Human Society is that as we win the cultural battle we also win the economic battle and so long as we don't I don't know become a bunch of degenerate turds um by getting rich from Bitcoin so long
(1:14:28) as we can like keep ourselves in check and once again hopefully use the stuff that I've written here and the stuff that tour is doing you know your podcast and all this sort of stuff as a reminder to be better people to be more virtuous in the true sense not [ __ ] virtue signaling right like in the true sense of virtue which is behavior and principle we have a chance to do something good with that wealth like it reminds me of a story of Alexander the Great so like throughout the book I I draw from like there's lots of stories
(1:15:03) about Alexander there's lots of stories about Julius Caesar and like the greats throughout history who literally shaped and bent the Ark of Eternity uh towards their Vision uh he asks his generals to bury him with one hand out of the cket to prove that you don't take anything with you that it's more important to leave leave a legacy after you die cuz there's no point in just hoarding all this [ __ ] money and then doing nothing with it that's that's the definition of a scrooge and you know
(1:15:36) even in our stories like the Scrooge is the character that is not respected that is not loved that is not revered the one who is the the the truly powerful individual the truly beautiful and ascendant and great individual is the one who's magnanimous who uses his wealth that he builds not other people's wealth the wealth that he amass that he built all that was passed from his family and he made greater he uses it for the purpose of keep like keeping the fight against entropy going because that's what we're here for like if we
(1:16:11) don't do anything entropy takes over but if we do something we can still climb the mountain we can still build the cathedral we can still reach for the stars which is I think a big part of what the duty of being human is is MH so that in mind you think again you mentioned the journey from 100,000 to a million is th% gain million to 2 million 100% gain like do you think there's a timing aspect to all this like are we in the planning phase of the internum where we should be developing and sharpening this mindset and these virtues and
(1:16:50) waiting opportunistically for the time to be right to go out and actually employ all this Capital 100% man like you know it takes a samurai 15 to 20 years to earn his sword to earn his armor right like it's going to take us a decade to earn the right to deploy this Capital effectively Beyond just the [ __ ] apps that we're building because today we're just building apps like my long-term plan 15 20 years I want to go and take over Macedonia and I want to turn it into the dub or the Singapore of Europe the the
(1:17:23) the possibility to do that and it sounds SS like hyperbole but I'm literally no [ __ ] I want to do what B did in Salvador what Le did in Singapore in Macedonia it's a small enough country to do it it's uh strategically located there's a bunch of benefits there and those kind of territories it's going to be up to people like us to go and reform these things to rebuild them to restructure them to to to create them and that's going to require not only like Capital it's going to require knoow it's going
(1:17:51) to require preparation it's going to require deep diving like exactly what you mention mentioned tour and gold and everyone are doing like thinking about urban planning thinking about investing in bricks uh brick and mortar literally businesses thinking about governance structures thinking about how things need to operate how leadership look like how what hiring people looks like what building teams looks like what building organizations looks like all of this sort of stuff is Us in training and the the the
(1:18:23) Cornerstone to all of those is not just the EC IC element of Bitcoin but is the psychology the only way to do this is to inspire other people because you're not going to do it alone one thing I and you and I spoke about this in um I think a previous podcast where we spoke about like the real definition of friends right like someone that you would bleed with right the people who all Chang the world like Alexander went out and you know blows my mind on foot from Macedonia from the mountains of Macedonia to [ __ ] India like most
(1:18:59) people would die today in the modern world just walking that distance but let alone like battling multiple like maybe 20 30 40 literal [ __ ] Wars and battles along the way killing stabbing getting stabbed arrows in your lungs and all this sort of [ __ ] going up the Hindu Kush in the middle of the winter like surviving all of that and getting there the the kind of fortitude that that uh necessitated was only possible sure he he was a he was a man that had that sort of spark inside him but it was done with his Manor Bond what
(1:19:41) I mentioned yesterday the the alliance of men the people around him and that's exactly what we need to now start thinking about as Bitcoin is like we need to build these alliances and as a team as as a call it a decentral IED organization we need to go and claim we need to take over and we need to lead our way out of the psychological spiritual physical physiological Dark Ages that we're in today and that's going to come as preparation it's preparation time now because yeah sometime in the next decade I don't know
(1:20:19) if it's going to be 5 years or if it's going to be post 2030 whatever but my guess is sort of the internum is like the next decade or whatever uh at least the core part of the ingum 2030 onwards man we've got a [ __ ] build bro we got a build yeah and it's it's funny too the uh I think we're the same age I've been in Bitcoin for 11 years now like the timing is a bit Eerie How It lines like give 2030 I'll be almost I'll be almost 40 years old hopefully I've developed enough wisdom to go out and effectively
(1:20:55) deploy this capital and and I think for us Millennials particularly the timing um is really interesting I've got at that point my kids will be almost teenagers and um or not almost teenagers double digits um and it'll be as a father particularly thinking like it really excites me if that timeline does proed to be correct like um hopefully be a good role model for my kids like while I'm in my 40s and they're developing into their teenage years like oh Dad actually did something um and they were
(1:21:33) able to observe it and like watch it it's something that I think about absolutely man that's like one of the most exciting things like in in the book I say like there's a there's a section right at the end called a new heroic age and in there I talked literally about like there's you know quotes like from Alex Carrol man cannot remake himself without suffering for he's both Mel and the sculptor but the the core uh message here is that something new is rising it's a it's a new energy uh and and a new age and we
(1:22:04) have the opportunity like we we simultaneously drew the Short Straw and like we drew the Short Straw like we had to endure a clown world and like see the greatest stupidities in human history like come come to Bear but we also get to be the ones who kind of live through that interregnum and set the foundation so many ways going to be the founding fathers of something even greater what America is today like you know there's this idea that when Rome collapsed like it didn't entirely collapse obviously the the quote unquote
(1:22:39) barbarians which were at that point basically the Germanic tribes who had leared everything that they could learn from the Romans they were civilized Barbarian so they had the structure of the Romans but they also had the V the the vitality of a barbarian so they were the perfect kind of archetype to take over and they were they were nomadic they were strong they were young they had massive uh like birth rate they had they had this like worrior Spirit about them but they had also developed these virtues like courage like compassion like um
(1:23:18) self-control they they they built this sort of culture and they they took Rome and they set the foundations for what would become the modern West and what came of that was literally the USA the USA is the Pinnacle of what you would call the fian West the post Roman West which took about 1500 years to develop and reach its Zenith right and you look at the magnitude of power between what the US is versus what Rome was even though Rome was extraordinarily powerful the US is like thousand times more powerful or 100 thousand times more
(1:23:54) powerful what what comes next we are now The Barbarians we are we we've learned everything that came from those who came before us like the prior founding fathers of the US you know the mes of the world the spanglers of the world and all this sort of stuff we're extracting the the thinking and the Civility and the structure from them but we're coming up with a new [ __ ] energy that is Barbarian like that is that is hungry to claim to build to create to to conquer we're going to combine those two and
(1:24:22) funny enough a lot of us uh either traveled or nomadic in some sense or we we are flexible we we have the ability to move if we need to or or at the very least our um probably the word is we are more Sovereign right which is what the dramatic tribes are so there's almost like an echo of that period and the the foundations that we establish today in a thousand years the the civilization that will come then will be in turn a thousand times or 100 thousand times more powerful than what the US is today which
(1:24:55) is in other words we're setting the foundations for going to the stars and I truly believe that I know it sounds like hyperb I know it sounds like I'm been smoking crack or whatever like I've been reading too much nature but like I truly believe that's the point that we're at and we get to be the one we're the Charlamagne and the theodoric of uh of the Modern Age right like those guys established the West that we now stand upon and you and I are going to establish the next one which is a big thing to say
(1:25:28) yeah and it's a great natural seg segue into set lanis and sort of goal there to begin creating these networks in these communities that that will hopefully be leveraged to to coordinate all this activity when when the timing is right yeah I I hope so I mean this is a yeah to to segue into this it's been a it was an accidental project I kind of mentioned it at the beginning of our talk but we we spent basically 2023 trying to build out a a language model for Bitcoin and we succeeded in that at least succeeded in building it because uh
(1:26:07) spirit of satosi is quite strong uh but what we didn't succeed in is figuring out how to monetize it particularly because the AI space is just like unless you go and raise 20 50 million 100 million from a bunch of VCS and like basically L about making money and L about AGI you're not really going to succeed and you know we were a young startup and just couldn't find a way to really make money out of this thing in a scalable fashion and one of us had the idea of hey should we do a travel concierge with a you know like I go to
(1:26:37) El Salvador and I ask an AI chat bot hey where can I spend Bitcoin what are the laws this and that and as we dug into that we're like it's not really a the right ux for it so we kind of like parked the idea for a little bit and I looked at building it as like a side project as like I thought maybe I could just build a a website that's just a directory of Bitcoin circular economies people want to know what's going on in different places here you go and we're going to call it Bitcoin Nomad list and
(1:27:05) then we're going to call it destination Bitcoin and the the thing about it was we said okay look we don't want to just do what Nomad list is doing which is just Aggregates and scrapes a bunch of data off the internet and kind of gives you scoring on different cities and it like plugs into the Meetup API and it just kind of gives Nomads an idea of what's going on in different cities qualitatively speaking we said look we want to have local ambassadors on the ground help rate the city you know different elements you
(1:27:31) know the walkability the safety the drinking water the ride sharing all this sort of stuff and give people like a real true sense of what's good about the city and what's not and then we thought how can we validate who these uh ambassadors are and we're like Twitter we're like yeah that's you know the API sucks and you know it's not great and then we thought what about Noster and you know that's an interesting place and then we started digging down the Noster rabbit hole and the more we dug the more
(1:27:54) realized holy [ __ ] like there's actually a a big product here and then the the name Atlantis is obviously uh play on words it's like Atlantis as the the sort of Promised Land destination and throw an s in front of it to give it a bit of a Bitcoin flavor um we stumbled into this thing which is like a I don't even know what to call it like we're building something new in the same way as like Facebook didn't really have an an analog 20 years ago uh we're doing something which doesn't have an analog today the
(1:28:24) closest thing I can think of is it's a it's a travel nomading and Community social network so it's almost like you take the travel element of Trip Advisor and Nomad list you mash it with the social element of an Instagram then the the merchant map and places of a Google Places and then like the meetup.
(1:28:44) com piece like if you take the best of those and put it together into a product you have something which looks and feels very different particularly for I guess this idea of the network State or the Nomad or the you know traveling and communities and all this sort of stuff because then you can by by building it on Noster for example you can take the social graph which is where the relevance comes from because this is a big problem in the traveling community space is like content is not relevant like if I want to go to
(1:29:18) Austin and or or let's just say you and I both want to go to uh buenos ciris in Argentina you and I are going to see the exact same recommendations on trip advisor as everybody else will see and it doesn't make any [ __ ] sense because you and I are different people and you and I are different to everybody else now you and I might have similar interests um which if you had a dynamic application which is what we're trying to do here with santis is if let me let me use the maybe bonus as a bad example like let's say I'm coming
(1:29:53) to Austin because I follow you on Noster on social media and I'm going out to see a restaurant like if you've been there or someone in your Social Circle has been there and they've rated it I should see that review before I see anything else whereas on Google like I'm getting reviews for steak places or a meat place or a sushi place or whatever from people I don't [ __ ] know I don't know if it's real I don't know if they have the same likes as me or anything like that so it's all just like static irrelevant
(1:30:24) or fake like that's the entire basically internet now what it's become Nostra gives us an opportunity to completely transform that and particularly with santis we are going after the travel and Community uh vertical and trying to build something fundamentally new and I've got an article that I published a couple weeks ago called Noster social as a service and this is my attempt as a non-technical person to try and tell product people normies and CEOs and investors like hey this is what Noster is Noster isn't just a Twitter clone
(1:30:57) Noster is a social graph as a service like if you can take the concept of a social graph and plug it into other applications you can bring relevance and dynamism to any application that's specifically what we're trying to do and you know as you kind of alluded to is if the world moves more and more and more towards this kind of uh citystate uh structure where the the state becomes more accountable at least economically speaking and then Downstream of that politically speaking uh what is the what is the mechanism
(1:31:34) that the state might operate on and I think it's going to operate on something like the flavor of santis now that's obviously 10 20 years down the track you know in the short term there's other goals but um anyway I'm kind of rambling a little bit but that's that's basically what it is no yeah I I completely agree that people are sleeping on Noster really pigeon hoing it to this social media the usurper where it's much more than that it's really about the communications and like you mentioned
(1:32:04) the social graph being exported because you think about somebody like you building a company in satanis like nostra's got years of the social graph building and reputations being built and you're simply able to implement that into your product out of the box um so in terms of like bootstrap in the network effect for individual companies it's people do not grasp the gravity of what that means for people building new businesses in the future people are 100% uh sleeping on it can I ask is this going to be
(1:32:43) uh visible on video like should we do like a little walkthrough for people who want to watch it so yeah so this is what it looks like to give people a bit of an idea so it's like you go to the homepage and the web experience is very much like a directory so you get a sense of what the cities are and the cities can be ordered by ratings and I'll explain how the ratings work in a second or by cost of living Etc and you get a bit of a high level glimpse of chats and events and useful apps and Merchants and all
(1:33:12) this sort of stuff but when you click into a city you go into the city page and this is like one of the sort of Flagship features is you can discover a city now dynamically so you got profile scores chats events Merchants all this sort of stuff you get a high level view of the scoring you see all the people here now everyone can follow a city and and this is really one of the cool Concepts that nosta makes possible is like a city is an event type and then everything Associated to that City can be marked as an event type so all of a
(1:33:42) sudden you have this like Rich uh Rich digital representation of a city that any nosta client can read and represent which becomes extraordinarily powerful but in that City you've got people so you can actually see there's probably people here that you already following the city and you didn't even know like I know how many times I'm going to a different city and I'm just like on telegram asking hey who knows who here there it's it's so [ __ ] like friction full whereas like here this solves it in
(1:34:11) one Fell Swoop and then there's this section here where you've got like the posts and we've got a city feed which is like a mixture of Pinterest and Instagram comes together and it's this is super powerful because people can post on here and they can post anything from you know I went to this farmers market went to this um restaurant H caught up with some friends beautiful sunset whatever right let people post about locations but it also listens to the entire to the entire Noster Network so if I'm on Primal and I'm in Madrid
(1:34:40) and I went to a restaurant and I like took a photo of a thing and said Madrid it'll come up in the Madrid feed which is absolutely mindboggling because it's like imagine you could do that between tter and Instagram like it doesn't work right so you can go into chat so you can find like relevant groups like at the moment all of this finding relevant group stuff happens on WhatsApp so people are kind of like split on WhatsApp and Meetup and Facebook groups and all over the place you can find your events so local events uh you can see
(1:35:11) what useful apps are in place you can see what merchants are there and the most powerful thing about this city page is that let's say you're interested in surfing and I'm interested in food the kind of content I'm going to see the kind of chats and events and posts and everything that I'm going see the kind of people that I'm going to see are more related to food for you it's going to be more related to surfing to someone else going to be more related to bitcoin so for the first time ever the city page
(1:35:38) can actually be dynamic and that's that's never happened before on on the internet with respect to a specifically like a travel product and then you know you can go into scores and get a sense for the scores and the scores are a mixture of quantitative data online a mixture of Ambassador surveys and a mixture of the actual Community people living there rating everything so you get this kind of crowdsourced on theg ground rating of you know what's the cost of living like is it safe you know can I walk around is it a walkable City
(1:36:05) what's the you know is there Greenery is the infrastructure expensive is it family friendly is it Bitcoin friendly all this sort of stuff and then the um the mobile experience and I think we're probably going to be the first ones to do this on nosters like we're going to have a a visual image and video Centric profile which looks you know obviously a little bit more like Instagram and it'll be a far more curated view for people who want to build that kind of a profile and then my favorite feature is this uh
(1:36:36) this Merchant experience so Merchants will now have a page where traditionally they were on Instagram to build an audience right a merchant can now build an audience in the same place so they can post they can build an audience they can build trust with their community and they can have all their information which they traditionally had on a separate app over on Google and they can have their ratings and reviews in the one place and they can build an audience and ratings and reviews and information and everything like that trust with the
(1:37:05) community and all of that in one place and as I said earlier the best thing about the reviews is if I go to Austin and I'm following you I'm going to see your review long before I see anybody else's which I not only trust more but I know is real so we have an opportunity to really like transform the entire web transform the entire way people like actually find things that are relevant to them discover places find Community connect with people um and all this sort of stuff which to me is like Ultra powerful
(1:37:35) and as you kind of pointed to it's like it it might form like if you take this out 5 10 15 years it might form the basis of these new states that are going to be developed and I mean I could imagine I was I was joking with Parker Lewis uh in in prag and I said dude let's make you one of the ambassadors in Austin I said as this thing grows if you have a million followers in Austin there's your ticket to becoming the mayor of Austin like it's a good idea so like it's it's going to be interesting like Noster is
(1:38:06) going to really change change the world here honestly we need uh Parker made the bet he would he would not uh be using Noster until block height 1 million 50,000 so we're going to have to get him to we will basically lose that bet give Matt Odell million sets and and get building on ner I think even he is beginning to come around on it too because I think we had a conversation um in the Commons with another bitcoiner and I think hfny wrote this piece in the 90s about um remailers and the need for like Communications and a monetary
(1:38:47) protocol actually make them viable now with the emergence of Bitcoin and Noster and combining these two protocols like it's actually possible to create that sci-fi future that he envisioned decades ago and that's I think again going back to like low time preference and patience and actually putting in the hard work and building I think the emergence nosters has really highlighted the high time preference and idiocy of something like web 3.
(1:39:17) 0 where everything needs a token it's like no you just need these protocols that can interact with each other and then you need create unique ways in which to combine them which I think Noster and Bitcoin is really proven to the market right now 100% And I think a really important piece here is that you these protocols need to work in layers like you look at the internet the internet is the the infrastructure layer TCP IP then the application layer right and then apps built on top of that so the application layer being like https
(1:39:46) and Etc um Bitcoin is the monetary protocol and it is where the token is is that's where the the money exists and it doesn't do anything other than that now you can have abstracted layers on top of Bitcoin but largely speaking there's a monetary layer with a dedicated function and then Noster is the identity and Communications layer and it's really important like some people like oh you know Noster is stateless doesn't solve the data problem it's like the data problem will be solved by the market
(1:40:18) some people will host their data on AWS some people host it on their own computer at home some people host it on ipfs some people host it on you know their start 9 whatever like the data there's no there's no decentralized solution for data other than the marketplace and depending on your use case uh that will determine the kind of data setup you use like if you've got something that is extremely sensitive you'd be an idiot to host it on AWS obviously but you are something that is not sensitive like travel data who cares
(1:40:51) if it's on AWS that doesn't matter but what's important is that the identity is owned by the user and that you do it in a way that is as I said stateless and that sort of enables infinite scale that's what nstra does it like it it gives you an identity and a communication layer that is infinitely scalable because it's not bogged down by uh State and that kind of beautiful layering and you know I almost Envision now you've got like four layers to the internet today and then with Bitcoin
(1:41:24) it's layer number five and with Noster it's layer number six you have I mean almost the perfect internet I mean I we we won't need another layer for decades or maybe centuries and I don't even know what that next layer is going to be but we have it all solved now and to your point like this is going to take some time and the people building this are actually building real [ __ ] whereas the dumbasses in web 3 they're trying to compress Bitcoin and nostr into one layer and they're getting the worst of
(1:41:50) Both Worlds whereas we've done it really intelligently and we're going to get the best of voice worlds in fact as I'm speaking that's like an analogy to the internet the internet was a stack of protocols whereas the the the corporations competing with the internet were trying to build an information Super Highway that was one product right AOL was one product that wanted to do everything Microsoft information Super Highway was one product that wanted to do everything whereas the internet stack of protocols
(1:42:18) open People built on it all of the value went there and I believe it's going to be the same thing with uh with nost and Bitcoin because it's just [ __ ] better simple as that don't sleep on Master freaks it's funny it's uh interesting to see things like farcaster out there like posturing like it's like the next layer of social media but you need like an email to sign up you have to use usdc and they have raised a lot of money but again it's it's another um example it's indicative of
(1:42:54) the fact that people are confused like raising hundreds of millions of dollars for that that protocol and everybody's overlooking Noster and laughing at people building on it but it reminds me of Bitcoin like a decade despite the fact that people are sleeping on Noster not only that but openly deriding it and saying that it's Dead on Arrival um and then you look at what people are building like yourself and others and it's undeniable that there's an explosion of growth and um development that's happening that many people are
(1:43:28) just completely unaware of and I think it's kind of shocked the world a decade from now when we look up and see what's been built yeah the next couple years are going to be wild man like between now and 20130 especially like the the it's going to be like a tectonic shift and you know all of us who are awake during this period like as you were saying before it's like this is the preparation right 2030 comes around people are going to be like where the [ __ ] these Bitcoin has come from like NOA Bitcoin this that they're going to
(1:43:57) be like oh [ __ ] we missed the boat but we're going to be the captains of the ship at that time I look forward to that I do as well it's always a pleasure sir I love these deep Dives we uh we put out 90 minutes on the calendar we're approaching uh 120 and uh oh wow [ __ ] that fun okay we can always uh I feel like we could talk for hours about all this stuff um but no these are I think this is particularly the Bido of Bitcoin and again some people could say oh like um the gall to basically say that you've identified
(1:44:35) the virtues and these are the things that people should go after like who are you to tell people that but I think it's very important again going back to um one of the points that we discussed which is timing is going to be crucial in terms of actually being able to affect change change and preparation is part of the timing and to prepare you have to know what you're preparing for in the first place and I think the virtues and the framework which you put forth in the Bido of Bitcoin um at least the parts that I've read makes a lot of
(1:45:08) sense and is something that every bit winner should be thinking of is mentally preparing for this and recognizing that if you want to fix the world and actually bring back Beauty and Sanity you have to live and be aligned with the truth um you have to be an example yeah you know the change starts with with you and and and to to anyone thinking it's like oh you know how the [ __ ] doesy know what these virtues are it's like it's not me I didn't create any of these virtues I just figured out that there was an
(1:45:42) overlap between the virtues embodied by the greatest cultures that built the greatest civilizations so I've been more an observer so at best I was the guy who just spent two years and in fact probably most of my life sensing this and then going and doing the Deep dive and doing the work to say hey there's actually something here because when there is great overlap uh laa said this to me is like look you know safine when he did his research on the Bitcoin standard realized that multiple all of the cultures around the
(1:46:18) world converged on gold not because someone said so but because it worked so if multiple great cultures previously had converged on similar virtues it's probably something worth you know listening to there you this isn't this isn't the bashid of swety this is the this is the pido of Bitcoin which is a new socioeconomic standard requires a new way of being that draws from the principles and the wisdom of the past and then projects forward that how we would try and sum it up and you know for those who are
(1:46:56) interested like this is this is definitely a different book like if you like history if you like psychology if you like you unpopular opinions and things that you know you're not going to find another Bitcoin book there's not there's not much in here about like misus or Austrian economics or all that it's like more Spangler and Julius AER and Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar and you know people who shifted and I I guess I like the framing like bent the Arc of Eternity towards their Vision like they they transformed
(1:47:28) history and we write about them and remember them today like Christ and all of that sort of stuff it's really heavy with that stuff and um and yeah if people want to check it out Bidoof uh watch the trailer that's the one piece that I can tell everybody watch the trailer it's going to blow your [ __ ] mind it'll blow you away Helen and I spent a couple months making that and you can get free chapters on there just Chuck your email and you get a bunch of free chapters it's not like a
(1:47:53) tight ass single free chapter you get like a bunch and you can pre-order it on Geyser for a discount and it's also on Kickstarter for a discount there's some special perks in there as well for those who want to get it and then with a bit of luck uh it'll be done with the editors and the types sets and everything it'll be shipping in September but if you get it on the pre-sale you get it first before everybody on Amazon gets it so that's my that's my sh for Masid we will link to all that in the
(1:48:21) show notes Mr fetky it's been a pleasure thank you um excited to see the book in the wild can't wait to get it on my bookshelf in the comments thank you my friend Mr B thank you again really appreciate everything buddy always love peace and love freaks than


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