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The EV Bubble: Bursting the Green Dream

The EV Bubble: Bursting the Green Dream

Mar 4, 2024

The EV Bubble: Bursting the Green Dream

In a revealing examination of the electric vehicle (EV) market, recent data suggests that the initial fervor for electric cars is waning among major automakers, with the exception of Tesla. Journalistic scrutiny reveals that companies like Ford and Volvo are facing significant financial losses due to their investments in EVs, prompting strategic pullbacks.

Ford is reported to be grappling with a staggering $5.5 billion loss on EVs, following a $5 billion deficit the previous year. The Wall Street Journal implies that the auto giant could potentially improve profits by 50% by abandoning its electric vehicle endeavors. Adding to the strain, Ford has ceased shipments of the highly anticipated electric F-150 due to dealer resistance, stemming from an inability to move the inventory. Further compounding the issue, Ford has scrapped plans for a new battery factory in Michigan, a move that would have generated thousands of jobs.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Volvo, now under Chinese ownership since 2010, has also retreated from its EV commitments, cutting off funding to its electric subsidiary that was failing to be profitable. The Swedish automaker's bold proclamation to cease production of gasoline vehicles now appears to be in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, EV stock prices are plummeting, as showcased by Polestar's 83% drop, and rental car company Hertz is offloading a third of its EV fleet due to cost concerns and lack of customer interest. Even Consumer Reports, a longtime advocate for electric vehicles, now acknowledges that EVs are plagued with twice as many issues and are less reliable than traditional vehicles.

Source: Consumer Reports

In stark contrast, Toyota, once criticized for its cautious approach to EVs, is experiencing a resurgence. The Japanese automaker's focus on hybrid vehicles, which it posited as more in line with consumer desires, has led to a nearly 40% surge in hybrid sales. This prudent strategy has not only shielded Toyota from the financial hemorrhaging seen by its competitors but has also propelled its stock price upward by 80%.

The skepticism surrounding the EV market extends beyond automakers. The Wall Street Journal now refers to "green" as the latest corporate America dirty word, reflecting a broader disenchantment with environmentally-focused initiatives that fail to resonate with consumers. The $68 trillion Climate Action Fund, wind energy projects, and other green endeavors are facing cancellations and financial backouts.

Despite these market signals, Washington continues to invest heavily in green technology, with lobbyists pushing for billions in funding for a sector that is increasingly showing signs of consumer rejection.

As the narrative of the electric vehicle dream faces stark realities, the future of the EV market remains uncertain, with potential long-term economic consequences for both the industry and taxpayers.


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