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Gold, Land, and Bitcoin: Unraveling Economic Strategies with Doomberg

Mar 1, 2024

Gold, Land, and Bitcoin: Unraveling Economic Strategies with Doomberg

Gold, Land, and Bitcoin: Unraveling Economic Strategies with Doomberg

Key Takeaways

The podcast episode featuring a conversation with Doomberg delves into various critical topics, including the state of the global economy, Bitcoin, land investment, gold, and geopolitical tensions.

Doomberg, known for his financial insights and the green chicken persona, discusses his investment strategies, focusing on land as a stable method of compounding wealth. He mentions how he has been successful in purchasing land, which has doubled in value since 2019, adhering to his principle of buying one significant piece of land each year.

The conversation then shifts to Bitcoin, with Doomberg expressing happiness for his friends invested in Bitcoin, despite not owning any himself. He clarifies a misunderstanding from a previous interview, where it was thought he was waiting for Bitcoin to drop to $5,000 before investing; instead, he prefers to invest in land and gold.

Doomberg shares his perspective on gold, explaining that he views it as a saving vehicle rather than an investment. He owns physical gold and uses it to preserve liquidity in times when no attractive private market investments are available. The discussion moves to the potential significance of 2024 for gold, where he outlines two main ideas within the gold community. The first is the notion of restoring gold as a neutral reserve asset in world trade, which gained traction after the freezing of Russia's reserves during the Ukraine conflict. The second encompasses the belief that the paper price of gold is manipulated by the West, a theory that will be tested by the physical gold exchange in Shanghai.

Doomberg is skeptical about the gold price manipulation theory but doesn't dismiss it entirely. He acknowledges the persistent premium of gold in Shanghai over New York and London as an interesting sign of potential arbitrage opportunities, which could indicate where gold will flow in the future.

The podcast also covers the geopolitical landscape, with discussions on the Russian asset seizure, the war in Ukraine, and the broader implications of these events on the stability of the US dollar and the world economy. Doomberg expresses concern about the current state of US politics, the fiscal situation, and the potential for increased fragmentation within the United States.

Best Quotes

  1. "I buy one major piece of land a year and in 15 more years, I'll have 20 great pieces of land. This is just the way I choose to compound my wealth." - Doomberg on his investment philosophy.
  2. "I view gold as a vehicle for saving as opposed to an investment." - Doomberg on his approach to gold ownership.
  3. "The persistence of the Shanghai gold premium is pretty interesting... it indicates that gold is probably going to flow from London and New York to Shanghai." - Doomberg on the gold price differential between markets.
  4. "If it is true, then a full year of that type of arbitrage persisting in Shanghai would indicate that something's got to give." - Doomberg on the potential for a significant change in gold prices if the Shanghai premium persists.
  5. "The difference between an analyst and an advocate is how they react to news that doesn't go their way." - Doomberg on the importance of maintaining objectivity.
  6. "I'm not surprised Bitcoin is mooning. It's very simple. The pumpamentals are there, there's a small float, there's a significant buyer." - Doomberg on the drivers behind Bitcoin's price movements.
  7. "War doesn't need to be tanks and missiles. It can be drones, and it doesn't need to be guns and bullets and soldiers. It can be drugs." - Doomberg on the changing nature of warfare.
  8. "The most dangerous thing is neither side will believe the election." - Doomberg on the divisive state of US politics and the potential consequences.


The podcast episode with Doomberg presents a sobering view of the current economic and geopolitical climate. From land investment strategies to the intricacies of gold as a financial instrument, the conversation provides a nuanced perspective on wealth preservation amid uncertain times. Doomberg's skepticism about gold price manipulation, coupled with his insights into the Shanghai gold premium, highlights the complex dynamics at play in the precious metals market.

The geopolitical analysis, touching on Russian asset seizures and the state of US politics, points to a world fraught with tension and mistrust. Doomberg's candid thoughts on the possible manipulation of gold prices, the challenges of credible election results, and the implications for national and global stability are thought-provoking.

The episode concludes with a reflection on the potential for societal and economic upheaval, emphasizing the importance of preparedness and personal investment choices. Doomberg's message resonates with those concerned about the direction of world affairs, offering a reminder of the delicate balance between prosperity and peril.


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