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Do Illegal Immigrants Alleviate Labor Shortages?

Do Illegal Immigrants Alleviate Labor Shortages?

Feb 9, 2024
Peter St. Onge

Do Illegal Immigrants Alleviate Labor Shortages?

In a time when immigration policy and labor shortages are at the forefront of political discourse, the idea that illegal immigrants are the solution to workforce deficits continues to be a divisive topic. Recent arguments from the left suggest that importing millions of unskilled migrants into the United States and Europe is necessary to avert an impending demographic crisis and address labor shortages, which they claim could also help curb inflation by preventing wage increases.

However, a closer examination reveals that this argument may not hold up under scrutiny. An analysis of the dynamics of immigration and labor markets suggests that illegal immigrants do not inherently resolve labor shortages, as they bring with them their own demand for services. For instance, they require dental care, automotive repairs, and consume various other services, effectively creating additional demand for labor in their new communities.

The argument posits that if a country like France, with a population of 65 million, were to be annexed by another nation, it would not result in a surplus of idle workers. Instead, French citizens, who are already engaged in various occupations within their economy, would carry their existing labor demands with them.

This concept extends to the composition and skill levels of immigrants. Admitting a large number of unskilled workers may lead to an oversupply in certain sectors, driving down wages for domestic unskilled labor while exacerbating shortages in skilled professions. Conversely, the targeted immigration of skilled professionals, such as dentists, doctors, and engineers, could alleviate specific skill shortages.

Corporations have been known to advocate for increased immigration to benefit from lower wages, but this does not necessarily address the broader issue of labor shortages across different sectors of the economy. The call for more skilled immigration has found support across the political spectrum, including from figures like Donald Trump, who have advocated for an emphasis on skilled over unskilled labor.

Public opinion, particularly in countries experiencing a surge in immigration like France, appears to be increasingly skeptical of the labor shortage argument. Polling data reveals that a majority of French citizens, especially women and blue-collar workers, do not buy into the claim that unskilled immigrants are the solution to their economic challenges.

While globalists and certain government factions may continue to promote large-scale unskilled immigration, it is important for the electorate to remain informed about the realities of labor market dynamics. Understanding these intricacies is crucial in shaping a balanced and effective immigration policy that serves the interests of the workforce and the economy at large.

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