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Biden's Shrinkflation Blame Game

Biden's Shrinkflation Blame Game

Feb 13, 2024

Biden's Shrinkflation Blame Game

In a recent Super Bowl ad, President Joe Biden voiced his frustration with the ongoing issue of shrinkflation, a phenomenon where companies reduce the size of their products while maintaining the same price point. The ad, which did not shy away from showcasing brands like Doritos, Gatorade, and Breyers ice cream, accused such companies of treating American consumers as "suckers" in the face of soaring inflation rates, which the President has been widely criticized for exacerbating.

Amidst the worst inflation in half a century, with grocery costs up by 25% and household paper products by 35%, according to official numbers, consumers are bearing the brunt of the economic strain. While the President's ad suggests corporate subterfuge, the reality is that groceries operate on razor-thin margins, averaging a mere 2.2%. These businesses are caught between a rock and a hard place as they navigate the dual pressures of rising costs and consumer affordability.

The government's response to the inflation crisis has, at times, pointed fingers at consumers themselves. An article from The Atlantic brazenly titled "Inflation Is Your Fault" exemplifies this trend, implying that consumer spending habits are to blame for the high prices. However, the surge in money supply, courtesy of the Federal Reserve's $7 trillion injection, leaves grocers with limited options—either raise prices or shrink product sizes.

This economic environment has provided fertile ground for lawmakers to propose additional regulations and controls over the food industry. Reports from politicians like Democrat Bob Casey aim to "hold companies accountable" for price increases, a Washington euphemism for increased government intervention. Senator Elizabeth Warren has also been vocal in her desire to reform the food industry, drawing parallels to her efforts in the banking sector.

The American public remains skeptical of the administration's ability to effectively address these issues. A recent ABC poll indicates that nearly 90% of Americans question President Biden's fitness to serve, signaling a lack of confidence in the current leadership's handling of the economy.

As the White House and Congress continue to grapple with the fallout of inflation and its impact on the food industry, many Americans are hoping for a change in management before the situation worsens.


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