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Col. Douglas Macgregor on the State of the Empire

Feb 9, 2024

Col. Douglas Macgregor on the State of the Empire

Col. Douglas Macgregor on the State of the Empire

Key Takeaways

In episode 2449 of "The Tom Woods Show," host Tom Woods converses with Colonel Douglas Macgregor, retired military officer and CEO of Our Country Our Choice. The episode, brimming with critical reflections on foreign policy, delves into the historical and contemporary implications of U.S. military interventions, the relationship with Israel, the dynamics within the Middle East, and the tension with Iran.

Macgregor criticizes the U.S. foreign policy establishment for its persistent focus on Iran as an adversary, largely influenced by Israeli interests. He argues that the U.S. public has been systematically misled into perceiving Iran as a malevolent force in the Middle East. Macgregor emphasizes that Iran and Israel share common enemies and suggests that a reconciliation is in their mutual interest, despite the reluctance from Israeli leadership.

The discussion extends to the European perspective on the U.S.'s stance towards Russia, particularly in the context of NATO's relevance and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Macgregor asserts that the U.S. and its NATO allies have overestimated the threat posed by Russia and that their actions have led to needless economic and geopolitical turmoil.

Shifting the focus to China, Macgregor debunks the notion of China as an existential military threat to the U.S., pointing out China's internal economic challenges and its historical non-aggressive military stance. He stresses that the real concerns for neighboring countries are demographic rather than militaristic.

Finally, the podcast touches upon domestic issues, including U.S. border policy and societal shifts. Macgregor vehemently opposes the unregulated influx of migrants, advocating for a more selective and regulated immigration system. He highlights the initiatives of Our Country Our Choice, aimed at restoring the rule of law, electoral integrity, and resisting the radicalization of societal norms.

Best Quotes

  1. "The Israelis have obsessed over Iran for a very long time... Iran should not be our opponent or their opponent." - Macgregor critiques the influence of Israel on U.S. policy towards Iran.
  2. "NATO is dead. It's been dead man walking for a while now." - Macgregor's stark assessment of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's current relevance.
  3. "We are being invaded, and our own government is helping it." - Macgregor on U.S. immigration policy.
  4. "We are the ones that want to put nuclear weapons, for God's sakes, in Great Britain again." - Macgregor on the aggressive posturing of U.S. foreign policy.
  5. "We want to return to the rule of law. We want a place where police are not afraid to enforce the law for fear they may have to go to jail." - Macgregor on the objectives of Our Country Our Choice.


The conversation with Colonel Douglas Macgregor on "The Tom Woods Show" paints a picture of deep-seated issues within the U.S. foreign policy framework. It challenges the mainstream narrative on Iran, questions the effectiveness of NATO, and calls for a reassessment of the U.S. military's role abroad, especially in relation to China and Russia.

Additionally, Macgregor's insights into domestic policies, particularly immigration, reflect a broader concern for national identity and security. His stance on the need for electoral reform and a pushback against societal radicalization underscores the political and cultural crossroads at which America stands.

The podcast serves as a sobering reminder of the complexities and consequences of international relations and domestic governance. As Macgregor promotes his vision through Our Country Our Choice, the episode lays down a gauntlet for future political discourse, urging a more pragmatic and principled approach to policy-making that prioritizes American interests in a rapidly changing global landscape.


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