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Bridging the Generations in Bitcoin with Jackson Mikalic

Apr 5, 2024

Bridging the Generations in Bitcoin with Jackson Mikalic

Bridging the Generations in Bitcoin with Jackson Mikalic

Key Takeaways

The episode discusses a wide range of topics, from the significance of Bitcoin in modern portfolios to the impact of macroeconomic factors on asset prices. The conversation begins with the Onramp team underscoring their commitment to providing secure Bitcoin asset management solutions through their partnership with BitGo and Coincover. They introduce Onramp Heritage, a service dedicated to preserving Bitcoin legacies across generations.

The hosts delve into the reasons for holding Bitcoin, citing Andy Edstrom's book, "Why Buy Bitcoin," which provided a compelling argument for Bitcoin's inclusion in portfolios back in 2018. The discussion touches on the evolution of podcast studio setups as a segue into the main topics of the episode.

They explore the divergence between gold and treasury prices, noting that historically these two assets moved in tandem as risk-off assets. However, as treasuries decline and gold prices rise, it signals a shift in investor preferences, likely due to geopolitical changes and the debasement of the US dollar. The hosts also discuss the debt spiral the US is in, with interest payments on national debt skyrocketing, making treasuries less attractive and pushing investors towards assets like gold and Bitcoin.

The conversation also covers the local impacts of macro events, such as the earthquake in Taiwan and its potential effects on the Bitcoin mining industry due to the disruption of chip manufacturing at TSMC. This serves as an example of how external, seemingly unrelated events can influence the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Lastly, the episode touches on the influx of traditional finance into the Bitcoin space, with large investors now paying closer attention to Bitcoin and considering it a serious asset class. However, there is still a lack of understanding about Bitcoin versus the broader crypto market, leading to some investors getting burned by crypto scams and mismanagement.

Best Quotes

  1. "Andy was ahead of his time. He wrote this [Why Buy Bitcoin] in 2018... It actually helped soften the Bitcoin idea for my dad." - Host discussing the impact of Edstrom's book
  2. "What is gold telling us? Is gold having its day?... It seems like something structurally is different in the market where people are choosing gold over treasuries." - Host on the divergence between gold and treasury prices
  3. "The reality is, I found out the other day that somebody close on my wife's side finally built a sizable Bitcoin position... She was like, I had to do it just in case you were right." - Host discussing the spread of Bitcoin adoption
  4. "The art is coming next, though. I... can't justify, like, pulling the trigger on, like, a nice print now versus holding for another year and then buying it." - Host on the prioritization of Bitcoin investment over other expenses
  5. "This chart is astonishing. It's literally hyperbolic... We are in the middle of the debt spiral." - Host on the US interest payment scenarios
  6. "We're young, we got things we focus on... I'm lucky I got this damn painting behind me just because you kept talking about my blank background." - Host on the evolution of their podcast setup
  7. "We're at the early stages of a sovereign debt crisis... This will be extremely formative in how people proceed in saving their money and protecting their wealth." - Host on the future financial landscape


The podcast episode provides a profound analysis of Bitcoin's place in the modern financial landscape, underscoring the asset's increasing relevance amidst macroeconomic shifts and geopolitical tensions. The conversation reveals the growing awareness and adoption of Bitcoin among traditional investors, despite the challenges in differentiating Bitcoin from the broader crypto market.

The discussion of the divergence between gold and treasury prices, along with the speculative potential impact of the Taiwanese earthquake on the Bitcoin mining industry, highlights the interconnectedness of global events and the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Overall, the episode serves as a reminder of the importance of understanding the nuances of Bitcoin. The hosts' reflective summary underscores the overarching message of Bitcoin's resilience and the potential implications for future discussions on wealth preservation and legacy building.


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