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BlackRock's Grand Scheme to Tokenize the World with Whitney Webb & Mark Goodwin

Feb 14, 2024

BlackRock's Grand Scheme to Tokenize the World with Whitney Webb & Mark Goodwin

BlackRock's Grand Scheme to Tokenize the World with Whitney Webb & Mark Goodwin

Key Takeaways

The podcast episode dives into the intricate workings of Bitcoin's intersection with major financial institutions, focusing on the roles of BlackRock and its CEO, Larry Fink. The conversation unfolds the collaboration between Whitney and Mark, both of whom share common perspectives on Bitcoin and global financial systems. They delve into the nuances of BlackRock's involvement in the Bitcoin space, particularly in the context of ETFs, and the broader implications of tokenizing assets.

The episode uncovers Larry Fink's history and his pivotal role in financial markets, from creating the first CMO at First Boston to leveraging the 2008 financial crisis to steer BlackRock towards its current status as a dominant ETF issuer. The discussion emphasizes the potential risks and intentions behind BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF and the larger vision of tokenization that Fink has been cultivating for decades.

Concerns are raised about the dichotomy between Bitcoin as a currency versus an asset, and how the latter perception might serve the interests of large financial institutions, potentially co-opting Bitcoin's original purpose of financial sovereignty. The conversation also touches on the broader shift in political and financial rhetoric, with figures like Larry Fink and Elon Musk representing a transition from public to private sector solutions that may not necessarily align with the interests of individual freedom and privacy.

Best Quotes

  1. Larry Fink on Bitcoin's Future: "Bitcoin is a technology for asset storage and it's an asset, not a currency. If we can tokenize an ETF of Bitcoin, what else can we ETF?"
  2. Mark's Observation on Tokenization: "You will allow BlackRock to build the panopticon of tokenized earth with Americans' retirement money under the dialect pretext of owning the liberals, unknowingly collecting all aspects of ownership to centralized databases, walled identity gardens, and fractionalized reserve assets transmitted and issued on the private blockchains of Wall Street banks."
  3. Whitney's Critique of Wall Street: "Don't trust Wall Street giants. They become that powerful on Wall Street because they are pretty cutthroat and criminal – that's how you rise to the top of that particular sphere."
  4. Mark on the Co-opting of Bitcoin: "The ETF kind of directly plays against Bitcoin as a currency and really leans into it as a commodity. So we have to just be very careful at basically not allowing ourselves to be useful idiots and cheer on the coming of this tokenized world."


The podcast episode presents a critical examination of the intersection between Bitcoin and traditional financial institutions, specifically focusing on the actions and plans of BlackRock and its CEO, Larry Fink. The discussion reveals a history of financial manipulation and the potential co-opting of Bitcoin's original ethos of decentralization and financial sovereignty. The episode serves as a cautionary tale, urging the Bitcoin community to maintain vigilance against the backdrop of political and financial entities that may seek to harness the technology for purposes divergent from its founding principles. Through this reflective narrative, the episode calls for a reevaluation of the direction in which Bitcoin's integration into the financial system is heading and encourages a steadfast commitment to the core values of privacy, freedom, and resistance to centralized control.


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