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How Bitcoin Will Transform Real Estate Investment with Leon Wankum

Apr 14, 2024

How Bitcoin Will Transform Real Estate Investment with Leon Wankum

How Bitcoin Will Transform Real Estate Investment with Leon Wankum

Key Takeaways

In the dynamic intersection of bitcoin and real estate, Leon Wankum illuminates a pathway to marrying the two in a manner that could redefine investment and asset management. The core insight of his approach rests on the realization that traditional asset classes, such as real estate, have been thrust into the role of store of value in the wake of inflationary monetary policies post-Nixon Shock in 1971. However, bitcoin's emergence as a superior store of value due to its scarcity and lower maintenance could potentially drain the monetary premium from real estate.

Leon's proposition is to integrate bitcoin into real estate development financing. By having a portion of a loan allocated to purchasing bitcoin, real estate developers can hedge against the possibility of real estate losing its appeal as a store of value. This strategy also prepares developers for a potential transition to a bitcoin standard, where the property asset class may no longer be the primary store of value, and bitcoin could serve as pristine collateral.

The podcast episode delves into the specifics of how such a financial product could work, the potential impact on the real estate market, and the broader economy. Leon suggests that by incorporating bitcoin into property financing, we can facilitate a smoother and more productive economic transition, one that could enhance the quality of real estate development and contribute to preventing societal collapse amid a hyperinflation scenario.

Best Quotes

  1. "Real estate is not a particularly good store of value. It just became a store of value due to the monetary policies that happened after the Nixon shock in 1971."
  2. "Bitcoin is a near-perfect store of value, does not require high maintenance cost, and perpetually increases in value over time."
  3. "Real estate will lose its appeal as a store of value and will also drop in price. So now the question is, how can real estate developers survive and make this transition smoothly?"
  4. "If we move onto a bitcoin standard, which I believe we will do, real estate will lose its appeal as a store of value. Because bitcoin is near perfect."
  5. "By having this approach overall, they'll be able to buy more bitcoin. Other than saying, hey, please give us money to just buy bitcoin."
  6. "The perfect base case for having bitcoin, for example, included in our financing would be that a bank works together with somebody like you guys, and they say, hey, we'll provide financing with you. We'll give you additional 1020, 30% in bitcoin."
  7. "The moment that the $1 million in bitcoin will be worth more than the entire real estate project, which will happen usually after two to three cycles, that will be the moment when people understand, oh, wow, bitcoin is the superior store of wealth and the superior asset class."


The podcast episode with Leon Wankum is an interesting exploration of how bitcoin can be integrated into the fabric of real estate financing. It presents a compelling narrative that challenges the traditional view of asset management and offers an innovative solution to the growing concerns around inflation and the maintenance of value in investments.


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