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The Last Last Trade of the Year

Dec 20, 2023

The Last Last Trade of the Year

The Last Last Trade of the Year

Key Takeaways

The discussion on "The Last Trade" podcast touched upon several key points relevant to the Bitcoin and broader cryptocurrency market. Here are the key takeaways:

  1. Market Speculations and Predictions: The conversation included speculations about the future of Binance and its CEO, CZ, amidst regulatory scrutiny. There was also a discussion about the potential for criminal prosecution and the implications for the market.
  2. Institutional Custody and Security: The importance of secure custody solutions in the cryptocurrency space was highlighted, with Onramp's approach serving as an example of institutional-grade security.
  3. Regulatory Landscape and ETF Approval: The prospects of a Bitcoin ETF approval were discussed, with the potential impact on the market and the legitimization of Bitcoin as an asset class.
  4. Bitcoin and Altcoin Market Dynamics: The podcast touched upon the cyclical nature of Bitcoin and altcoin markets, the allure of yield in the altcoin space, and the potential for continued cycles of speculation.
  5. Nation-State Adoption and Corporate Balance Sheets: Predictions were made about nation-states adopting Bitcoin and Fortune 500 companies adding Bitcoin to their balance sheets, influenced by regulatory changes and market dynamics.
  6. The Role of Bitcoin in Institutional Portfolios: The discussion included thoughts on how Bitcoin ETFs and regulatory approval might change institutional investors' perceptions and the role of Bitcoin in portfolios.

Best Quotes

  • "This is not financial advice. This is the last trade."
  • "It's like CZ is like a Lannister. He just always pays his debts."
  • "Don't fight the Fed, don't fight the government. Or don't. If the laws are unjust, you have a duty to disobey."
  • "The ETF approval coming... a year from now we could be downright giddy."
  • "Incredible information asymmetry. Just because people want to write it off as monopoly money and not pay attention to the mechanics."


The podcast episode provided a rich discussion on the current state and future prospects of the Bitcoin market, touching on the importance of secure asset management, regulatory challenges, and the potential for institutional adoption. With the possibility of a Bitcoin ETF approval on the horizon, the conversation underscored the transformative impact such an event could have on market sentiment and the legitimization of Bitcoin as an investment asset. However, the discussion also highlighted the ongoing cycles of speculation in the altcoin market and the need for a cautious and informed approach to cryptocurrency investment. As the year ends, the podcast leaves listeners with a sense of anticipation for what 2024 might bring to the world of Bitcoin and digital assets.


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