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Bitcoin Payments App Strike Launches in the United Kingdom

Bitcoin Payments App Strike Launches in the United Kingdom

Jun 26, 2024

Bitcoin Payments App Strike Launches in the United Kingdom

Bitcoin payments application Strike has announced the launch of its services in the United Kingdom, as per a recent blog post by the company. Strike, which leverages Bitcoin's Lightning Network for speedy and cost-effective transactions, is now accessible to UK customers who can buy, sell, and withdraw funds using the app. This expansion comes shortly after the app's launch in other regions such as Europe and Africa.

According to CoinDesk, the UK roll-out marks a continuation of Strike's aggressive expansion strategy, with operations now extending to over 100 countries and territories worldwide. This growth is particularly noteworthy given that some Bitcoin companies have faced challenges in the UK market. However, Strike emphasizes its commitment to furthering Bitcoin adoption globally.

"With a population of 67 million, the UK is the second-largest economy in Europe and sixth-largest globally and presents significant opportunities for bitcoin adoption," Strike stated.

The company outlined the features now available to UK customers, such as zero-fee Bitcoin purchases with instant deposits, the ability to schedule recurring purchases, and the option to automatically convert deposits into Bitcoin. Additionally, the app facilitates global peer-to-peer transfers using the Lightning Network.

To comply with UK regulations, new users must pass a knowledge test known as an Appropriateness Assessment and observe a 24-hour "cooling-off" period before fully utilizing the app. Strike also provides educational resources through Strike Learn to support users in understanding Bitcoin and the potential risks involved.

The UK launch reflects Strike's vision to make Bitcoin accessible to everyone on the planet. The company's founder, Jack Mallers, expressed enthusiasm about bringing the transformative power of Bitcoin's technology to the UK, highlighting the potential for financial innovation and inclusion in the region.

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