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Anonymous Bitcoin Donor Covers Julian Assange's Travel Debts

Anonymous Bitcoin Donor Covers Julian Assange's Travel Debts

Jun 26, 2024

Anonymous Bitcoin Donor Covers Julian Assange's Travel Debts

In a remarkable act of financial support, an anonymous donor has contributed over $500,000 in Bitcoin to facilitate the return of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to his homeland, Australia. This donation was made in response to an urgent appeal by Assange's wife for funds to repay the Australian government for the cost of his chartered flight.

Julian Assange, who had been embroiled in legal wrangles for 14 years, recently became a free man after he pleaded guilty in a U.S. court as part of an agreement that concluded his prolonged legal fight. Assange was released from a UK prison on June 24 and traveled to the US territory of Saipan to enter his plea, thereby avoiding extradition to the US on espionage charges related to WikiLeaks' publication of classified information.

Upon his release, Assange's return journey to Australia was facilitated by a private charter flight, arranged by the Australian government, at a cost of $520,000. Facing this substantial expense, Assange's wife made an emergency plea for donations on June 25, including providing a Bitcoin address for contributions.

An anonymous donor responded swiftly and generously, contributing over 8 BTC, valued at nearly $500,000, to cover the entire cost of Assange's flight. This gesture exemplifies the Bitcoin community's long-standing support for Assange, who has been a notable figure in the space since the early days of Bitcoin.

Assange arrived in Canberra, Australia, on June 26, where he reunited with his family. His return not only marked the end of his confinement but also reinforced the potential of Bitcoin to champion causes related to free speech and financial autonomy without censorship.

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