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How Bitcoin Mirrors America's Core Values with Alex Thorn

Apr 16, 2024

How Bitcoin Mirrors America's Core Values with Alex Thorn

How Bitcoin Mirrors America's Core Values with Alex Thorn

Key Takeaways

In this episode of The Bitcoin Layer, Joe Consorti welcomes Alex Thorn, Head of Research at Galaxy, to discuss how Bitcoin values align with American values. The conversation takes place against the backdrop of the second annual Bitcoin Policy Institute policy summit in Washington, DC.

Alex Thorn delivers a keynote highlighting the intrinsic human freedom to transact, which he argues has been a fundamental part of human interaction for millennia. However, he notes that this freedom hasn't translated to the digital systems of today, which are built on an interlocking web of intermediaries that often act as gatekeepers. He points out that before Bitcoin, there was no way to transact digitally without these intermediaries.

Thorn asserts that America's founding values—individual liberty, property rights, and openness—are embodied in Bitcoin. He dispels the notion that supporting Bitcoin undermines American power, suggesting instead that promoting both concurrently is not only possible but advisable.

The conversation shifts to Bitcoin's unique property rights, which are cryptographically protected and unmatched by any other asset in the universe, according to Thorn. He shares insights into the history of trading and settlement, the inefficiencies of centralized systems, and how Bitcoin's technology is pioneering in securing property rights on a global scale without intermediaries.

Lastly, Thorn discusses bitcoin policy in the U.S., praising the federalist system that allows states to experiment with different policies. However, he warns against regulations that could hinder individual's ability to operate on the Bitcoin network, as this would disadvantage America more than Bitcoin itself.

Best Quotes

  1. "Humans in general have an inherent freedom to transact. This is a fact. We know this for millennia."
  2. "Bitcoin values are American values; they're about openness, individual liberty, and the freedom to transact."
  3. "Your property rights [with Bitcoin] are cryptographic by definition. They're protected by mathematics and they're powerful maths there at work."
  4. "The market is reaching a consensus that there's something deeply wrong with the American government's fiscal situation."
  5. "If you hold the keys, you hold the coins."
  6. "We could just not screw it up and probably be the leading nation in Bitcoin."


The overarching message from this episode of The Bitcoin Layer is a powerful affirmation of Bitcoin's alignment with core American values. Alex Thorn articulates a compelling argument that Bitcoin's decentralized, open, and secure network mirrors the principles of liberty and property rights that underpin the foundation of the United States.

The discussion makes it clear that while Bitcoin's price may attract investors, it's the revolutionary nature of its property rights that retains them. Thorn stresses the importance of policy that fosters Bitcoin innovation, cautioning against regulatory missteps that could isolate America from the benefits of the burgeoning Bitcoin ecosystem.


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