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Pubkey's BTC Mining Meetup | Amanda Fabiano & Ben Gagnon

Pubkey's BTC Mining Meetup | Amanda Fabiano & Ben Gagnon

Feb 5, 2024

Pubkey's BTC Mining Meetup | Amanda Fabiano & Ben Gagnon

Key Takeaways

The podcast episode featured a deep dive into the world of Bitcoin mining with experts Amanda Fabiano from Fabiano Consulting and Ben Gagnon from Bitfarms. Several key takeaways from their discussion include:

  • Bitcoin Mining's Importance: Mining is integral to Bitcoin's existence. As Amanda Fabiano stated, "There's no Bitcoin without Bitcoin mining."
  • The Halving: There was considerable discussion about the upcoming Bitcoin halving and its impact on miners. Historically, halvings lead to an increase in hash rate and price in the lead-up, followed by a pullback post-halving, creating a tight situation for miners before possibly leading to a bull run.
  • Public Miners and Market Access: Public miners now have different dynamics due to their access to capital markets, affecting the cost curve and competition within the mining industry.
  • Operational Strategies: There are various strategies within mining, such as hosting, owning infrastructure, and revenue diversification. The right strategy will depend on the market's condition at any given time.
  • Profit Maximization: Ben stresses that miners must prioritize profitability and cost-effectiveness due to the competitive nature of the industry.
  • ASICs and Infrastructure: The evolution of mining hardware and infrastructure was discussed, including the transition from air-cooled to hydro-cooling systems, which represent a move towards more traditional data center aesthetics.
  • Treasury Management: There's a growing need for sophisticated treasury management among miners, especially around the halving events.
  • Energy Costs: The conversation often circled back to the importance of energy costs in mining operations, with both guests highlighting its critical role over other factors like machine efficiency.

Best Quotes

  1. Amanda Fabiano: "There's no Bitcoin without Bitcoin mining. It's a really interesting part of the ecosystem."
  2. Ben Gagnon: "I like to say I'm a profit maximalist as a Bitcoin miner, and every Bitcoin miner needs to be a profit maximalist. It's too cutthroat of an industry to not be focused on cost."
  3. Amanda Fabiano: "The cost curve is kind of an interesting thing to talk about because it's no longer are you on the low end, it's are you on the low end and do you have access to capital?"
  4. Ben Gagnon: "The valuation of the public company is driven by the hash rate, not actually driven by the financial performance of the company."


The podcast episode provided an enlightening perspective on Bitcoin mining, revealing the complexities and the importance of strategic planning within the industry. The conversation showed that mining is not just about securing the network but also involves navigating economic, technological, and market challenges. The halving event, in particular, stands as a significant milestone that could shape the future landscape of Bitcoin mining, emphasizing the need for miners to be agile, cost-effective, and forward-thinking.

Moreover, the episode touched upon the evolution of mining infrastructure and the potential shift in public miners' strategies in light of accessible capital and the arrival of Bitcoin ETFs. It's clear that the mining sector is dynamic and constantly adapting to the changing tides of the cryptocurrency world.

Listeners are left with a sense of the critical role miners play in the Bitcoin ecosystem and the ingenuity required to stay profitable and competitive. As the industry grows, the conversation around Bitcoin mining will undoubtedly continue to evolve, with energy consumption, operational efficiency, and market dynamics at the forefront of future discussions.


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