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Beyond the Bull Run: Bitcoin’s Market Evolution with The Rational Root

Mar 11, 2024

Beyond the Bull Run: Bitcoin’s Market Evolution with The Rational Root

Beyond the Bull Run: Bitcoin’s Market Evolution with The Rational Root

Key Takeaways

The recent episode featuring The Rational Root delved deep into the world of Bitcoin and its intricacies, specifically focusing on how Bitcoin's price action relates to its on-chain data, the impact of ETFs, and various models predicting Bitcoin's future trajectory.

The Rational Root's spiral chart, which tracks Bitcoin's four-year cycles, suggests that we are currently at a pivotal point where the traditional patterns may begin to shift due to the influence of ETFs. Each full rotation in the spiral chart represents a four-year period, with rings indicating price increase by a factor of ten. The chart color codes the price data based on the short-term holder cost basis, offering visual cues for bull and bear markets.

The podcast highlighted the influence of ETFs as a new catalyst, comparable to Bitcoin's halvings in their ability to impact the market. The recent ETF approval has led to significant inflows, marking a demand shock. This demand shock, coupled with the upcoming halving, may accelerate the market cycle, potentially leading to an earlier than usual cycle peak. The discussion also touched upon the behavior of long-term holders and how they typically sell off a portion of their holdings as new all-time highs are reached.

The episode brought forth the concept of the "left translated" cycle, suggesting that the market may experience an all-time high earlier in the cycle due to the effects of ETFs. Additionally, on-chain value maps and the HODL model were discussed, both indicating bullish sentiment for Bitcoin's future, with the potential for hyperbitcoinization by 2030 being a particularly optimistic view.

Best Quotes

  1. "A full rotation in the chart is a period of four years...So we go 2009, 10, 11, 12, and then the next cycle is 13, 14, 15, 16, and then a quarter rotation, 2017. That's where we are now in that chart." Context: The Rational Root explains the structure of the spiral chart, which visualizes Bitcoin's historical price movement correlated with its four-year cycles.
  2. "The short-term holder cost basis serves as a support level during bull markets and kind of resistance during bear markets..." Context: The guest is discussing how the average purchase price of short-term holders is a fundamental on-chain indicator for Bitcoin's price support and resistance levels.
  3. "What I think is interesting is that the ETF approval has been such a catalyst, equal in nature to the ones of the halving." Context: The Rational Root emphasizes the importance of the ETF approval as a major market catalyst, potentially shifting the traditional Bitcoin cycle.
  4. "We have never done that. We have had an all-time high fairly soon after the first halving... But here we're actually including the demand. Right? This is the demand. So it's similar to a supply shock of the first halving, but it's actually representing a quite large portion of the demand that is currently flowing into bitcoin."Context: The discussion turns to how the current market behavior, driven by ETF demand, is unprecedented and comparable to the impact of Bitcoin's first halving.
  5. "I'm always so bullish." Context: The Rational Root chuckles in response to a question about his level of bullishness on Bitcoin, underscoring his positive outlook on the cryptocurrency's future.


This episode offered a wealth of knowledge, shedding light on the subtle and significant dynamics that drive Bitcoin's market. The conversation with The Rational Root was not only a deep dive into his spiral chart and the effects of ETFs but also a reflection on the broader sentiment and potential future of Bitcoin. His analysis suggests a bullish future, with the possibility of an earlier cycle peak due to ETFs, and hints at an even more optimistic long-term scenario of hyperbitcoinization.

Listeners are left with a sense that, while historical data and models can provide guidance, the market is ultimately influenced by a mix of rational and irrational factors. The episode invites further contemplation on how new events, like the approval of Bitcoin ETFs, can reshape our understanding of market cycles and the trajectory of digital assets like Bitcoin.


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